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Photo of Kate Koch

Kate Koch


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Sara Weeks

Assistant Principal

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Photo of Sarah Abdelhadi

Sarah Abdelhadi

Special Education

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Photo of Morgan Andreoni

Morgan Andreoni

3rd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Kara Auchstetter

Kara Auchstetter

Speech and Language Pathologist

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Photo of Allyson Baumgartner

Allyson Baumgartner

Music Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/ms-allyson-zeyen (opens in new window)
Photo of Jill Beavers

Jill Beavers


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Photo of Karlie Bergamini

Karlie Bergamini

2nd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Doug Birk

Doug Birk

3rd Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mr-doug-birk (opens in new window)
Photo of Kristy Blazewski

Kristy Blazewski

2nd Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-blazewski (opens in new window)
Photo of Elizabeth Bogdanich

Elizabeth Bogdanich

Title 1 Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/miss-beth-bogdanich (opens in new window)
Photo of Courtney Bolger

Courtney Bolger

2nd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Lindsay Briski

Lindsay Briski

Art Teacher

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Photo of Maria Buchheit

Maria Buchheit

3rd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Kate Carlson

Kate Carlson

Social Worker

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Photo of Denise Ciciura

Denise Ciciura

Physical Education

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-denise-ciciura (opens in new window)
Photo of Cathy Cortez

Cathy Cortez

3rd Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-cathy-cortez (opens in new window)
Photo of Kim Darche

Kim Darche

3rd Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/kim (opens in new window)
Photo of Lauren Doornbos

Lauren Doornbos

Special Education

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Genevieve Enyart

Occupational Therapist

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Photo of Bridget Esposito

Bridget Esposito

3rd Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-esposito (opens in new window)
Photo of Wendy Feddersen

Wendy Feddersen

2nd Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-wendy-berner (opens in new window)
Photo of Bridget Fiore

Bridget Fiore

2nd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Kellie Gergits

Kellie Gergits

Bilingual Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-kellie-gergits (opens in new window)
Photo of Mary Haughey

Mary Haughey


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Photo of Jill Hentrich

Jill Hentrich

2nd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Laura Hodge

Laura Hodge

3rd Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-laura-hodge (opens in new window)
Photo of Madeline Horn

Madeline Horn

3rd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Suzanne Jacobs

Suzanne Jacobs

Occupational Therapist

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Photo of Paige Jenkins

Paige Jenkins

Speech and Language Pathologist

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Photo of Rebecca Jones

Rebecca Jones

3rd Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-rebecca-jones (opens in new window)
Photo of Kristen Kalas

Kristen Kalas


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Photo of Emily Kowalski

Emily Kowalski

Special Education

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Photo of Tammy Krauklis

Tammy Krauklis

Special Education

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-krauklis (opens in new window)
Photo of Jessica Krawczyk

Jessica Krawczyk


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Photo of Shannon Kula

Shannon Kula

Differentiation Specialist

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Photo of Gina Mach

Gina Mach

Reading Specialist

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Photo of Kim Malave-Flavin

Kim Malave-Flavin


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Photo of Shelley Mandarino

Shelley Mandarino

3rd Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-mandarino (opens in new window)
Photo of Keri McCormick

Keri McCormick


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Photo of Carla McCowan

Carla McCowan

3rd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Colleen McNaughton

Colleen McNaughton

Instructional Coach

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/ms-colleen-mcnaughton (opens in new window)
Photo of Leah Meyers

Leah Meyers

2nd Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-leah-meyers (opens in new window)
Photo of Scott Minarik

Scott Minarik

3rd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Julia Mulvihill

Julia Mulvihill

2nd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Nicolette O'Boyle

Nicolette O'Boyle

2nd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Katherine O'Connor

Katherine O'Connor

2nd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Rosie O'Malley

Rosie O'Malley

2nd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Jennifer O'Neil

Jennifer O'Neil

3rd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Mackenzie Pollastrini

Mackenzie Pollastrini

Art Teacher

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Photo of Susan Ruane

Susan Ruane

3rd Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-sue-ruane (opens in new window)
Photo of Peyton Schulz

Peyton Schulz

2nd Grade Teacher

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Photo of Tracy Simon

Tracy Simon

Technology Integration Specialist

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-t (opens in new window)

Michelle Tauer


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Photo of Joseph Tomasek

Joseph Tomasek

Physical Education

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mr-joe-tomasek (opens in new window)
Photo of Loriann Tuzim

Loriann Tuzim


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  • Email Adelita Venegas
Photo of Pamela Westbrook

Pamela Westbrook

LRC Assistant

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Photo of Emylee Zdarsky

Emylee Zdarsky

2nd Grade Teacher

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