Lemont-Bromberek CSD113A Emergency and Safety  Information

School BuildingDistrict 113A Student Safety

Student safety is our District’s top priority. In addition to physical safety, District 113A is concerned with students’ emotional well-being and will help students cope with an emergency or disaster and its aftermath. The following outlines our emergency and disaster response plans.

Safety Plans

District 113A has plans for all four phases of emergency and disaster management:

  1. Preparedness: Planning for an emergency or disaster event;
  2. Response: Planned response to an emergency or disaster event;
  3. Recovery: The process of returning to normal operations; and
  4. Mitigation: Steps taken to minimize the effects of an emergency or disaster.

These phases are covered in our district’s Emergency Response Plan. In addition to the general plan, each school has a Crisis Management Team that is prepared to implement planned procedures in the event of a crisis or disaster. The Emergency Response Plan is reviewed periodically at the building level so that all staff members are familiar with their roles and responsibilities during an emergency situation.


The District 113A administrative team monitors the Homeland Security Office and other emergency preparedness resources. The District will disseminate emergency information via its website, telephone system, through the media and by telephone contact (Premiere Global Services and/or calling trees).

Emergency Responses

Emergency responses will depend on the circumstances and may include evacuation or lockdown. For evacuation purposes, each school has several off-campus sites where students and staff assemble to be accounted for and temporarily housed. If a threat is chemical or biological in nature, to avoid contamination, we may ask that no one enter or leave the building until safety officials advise that it is safe to do so.

In the event that your child’s school is evacuated, the school will attempt to notify you as soon as possible at home and/or through emergency telephone numbers you provided on your child’s registration form. The school will also notify news media, place the information on the telephone system and post notices on the school doors, when possible.

When parents arrive at an evacuation site to pick up their children, they will be required to sign a check out list. While some parents may wish to be helpful by picking up the children of their neighbors and friends, in most cases, school personnel will only release students to their own parents during an emergency situation.

Cooperation and Assistance Request

During any emergency or potential disaster, for the safety of all students and staff, we request that you follow the instructions of the Building Principal and other District 113A administrators who may be on site to offer assistance. Instructions will be posted and widely disseminated as situations allow. Defamatory or disruptive actions on the part of parents and/or other family members will only lessen our ability to respond effectively to an emergency situation. It is imperative that parents follow the specific directions of safety agency officials who may be directing traffic or routing parents to a specific pick-up location. The safety of ALL of District 113A’s students depends upon your cooperation with law enforcement, school, and safety officials.

We can better ensure safe and secure school sites for District 113A students and staff with you as our partners. The Building Principals will share more information related to several emergency situations (e.g., fire, tornado, evacuation) in their newsletters throughout the year. If you have any questions about our district’s safety plans, please feel free to contact your child’s principal or the district office at 630-257-2286, extension 4618. Thank you for your cooperation and support.