Visitor's Information

Procedures for All Visitors to Schools

General Procedures for School Day:

  • Parents and other visitors must enter the school buildings at the front entrance only; all other doors will be locked during the school day.
  • Visitors must sign in at the vestibule, identifying their name, the date and time of arrival, and the classroom or location they are visiting.
  • Visitors will be asked to provide a driver's license or picture identification, which will be processed through an electronic system that screens for various offenses including sex offenders
  • If the visitor intends to go into any area of the school apart from the office, the visitor will sign a visitor's record sheet and obtain a numbered visitor badge to wear during the visit. 
  • Visitors should not go to classrooms or anywhere else in the building without permission from the office.
  • Visitors are required to proceed immediately to their location in a quiet manner.
  • ALL visitors must return to the main office and sign out before leaving the school.
  • Visitors are expected to abide by all school rules during their time on school property. A visitor who fails to conduct himself or herself in a manner that is appropriate will be asked to leave and may be subject to criminal penalties for tresspass and/or disruptive behavior.

Special Notes:

  • When parents or other visitors have larger items or several items to deliver, the procedures outlined above must still be followed. After checking in at the front office, a maintenance/custodial staff member will provide assistance with the delivery at a convenient entry location.
  • The security policy will be followed even on special occasions like parties, plays, etc. (with reasonable modifications). Additional parent volunteers will provide assistance to the office staff on those days. Your patience will be appreciated as we process large numbers of visitors.
  • Please help us to provide a more secure environment. The effectiveness of this system will diminish dramatically if anyone makes exceptions. For example, when you are visiting or volunteering in our schools, we ask that you do not prop open doors or open doors for other people who have not checked in at the front entrance.

For More Information:

Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we implement our security system. As always, please remember that you are welcome in our schools. We are partners with you in making children our first priority.