Two students dissecting a sheep brain in STEM ClassStudent Learning Outcomes for Content Areas

The links to the left include the learning outcomes for every grade level and curricular area taught in District 113A. The curriculum outcomes were developed by teacher leaders and principals who worked in consultation with external content area experts. The Illinois State Board of Education’s Illinois Learning Standards as well as national content area standards provide the foundation for the curriculum development process. The grade level objectives provide a guide for the teaching of the content areas and reflect a consensus view of the curricular outcomes that are appropriate for our district’s students. The outcomes help to ensure a uniform curriculum throughout the district’s classrooms and a more finely articulated flow of instruction from the K-8 program to the high school.

In planning for instruction in all content areas, administrators, curriculum leaders and teachers are also responsive to the Applications of Learning established by the state:

  • Solving Problems;
  • Communicating;
  • Using Technology;
  • Working on Teams; and
  • Making Connections.

Through Applications of Learning, students demonstrate and deepen their understanding of basic knowledge and skills. These applied learning skills cross academic disciplines and reinforce the important learning of the disciplines. The ability to use these skills will greatly influence students' success in school, in the workplace and in the community.

The outcomes for some content areas are presented in fonts which signify different levels of importance. Objectives presented in bold red text (or marked with an “m” for mastery) are those that students must meet in a given year in order to make expected progress toward successful completion of grade level benchmarks. Objectives presented in regular, non-bold type (or marked with an “e” for emerging, “d” for developing or “r” for reinforced) represent concepts and skills that are introduced or reinforced during that year of study. For content areas that are organized more by topic than skill sequence (e.g., science, social studies), there is no differentiation of outcomes.

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