River Valley 4th Grade Music Show is a huge success!

River Valley 4th Grade  Music Show is a huge success!

The parents, families, and staff of River Valley School were treated to a fabulous evening of musical entertainment as the fourth-grade students showcased their talents in a music show titled, Elements. The line dance was adorable, the dance movements were mesmerizing, the instrument playing was skillful and the singing was pure joy. The hard work of the students and music teacher paid off, as the music show was a smashing success! 

Miss Allyson Zeyen, the director of the show, expressed her pleasure, “I am so happy to be a part of River Valley School and could not ask for a more wonderful group of students to work with or a more supportive staff and community. I am very pleased with how our 4th grade music show went Thursday evening. While there were approximately 250 students performing, one of my goals for the music show was to represent what we do in music class with just 27 students every day. Not only do students develop their singing voices, but they also experience a lot of creative movement and performing as an ensemble on barred instruments, recorders and various percussion instruments. I am so happy they had the opportunity to share these experiences with their family and friends.”

The music classes at River Valley School can be followed on Twitter, where short videos of the students singing and playing instruments are intermittently posted @MissZeyen or on River Valley’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/RiverValleyRocks.