River Valley Math students use creative ways to learn about fractions

Student playing bowling

Throughout River Valley School, fractions are a major topic in math.  Sarah Abdelhadi, Title Math Teacher, created some fun and creative activities to help the students have a better understanding of the concepts – Fraction Bowling. 

The activities provided a hand-on approach that could be adjusted to the needs of each grade level.  Like a regular bowling alley, ten pins were set up and each student had the opportunity to bowl to form a fraction..  So a child who was able to knock down eight pins on the first roll had a fraction of 8/10.  But it didn’t stop there! For their second roll, the students were asked to form new fractions.  They quickly realized  that they needed to take it a step further and realize their new denominator is 2 (with only 2 pins left).   These activities all reinforced the idea that the denominator was the WHOLE and the numerator was the PART OF THE WHOLE. 

Ms. Abdelhadi pointed out, “this shows the students that fractions can come up ANYWHERE. Even at a bowling alley. It was really a lot of fun and the students really enjoyed it and engaged in the fraction making .”