Lemont-Bromberek CSD 113A Operations and Transportation

Welcome to the Operations and Transportation department. Use the links to the left to learn more about the department.

If you have any questions related to the Operations and Transportation department please contact Pat Crean or Kim Hayes.

Operations Personnel

Photo of Anne Blickhahn

Anne Blickhahn

Bus Driver - Bus 13

Photo of Mark Brylewski

Mark Brylewski

Custodian - Central

Photo of Nancy Calderon

Nancy Calderon

Bus Driver - Bus 11

Photo of James Cieslik

James Cieslik

Bus Driver - Bus 9

Photo of Deanna Clay

Deanna Clay

Bus Driver - Bus 3

Photo of Pat Crean

Pat Crean

Director of Operations

  • Email Pat Crean
Photo of Lashonda Cruz

Lashonda Cruz

Custodian / Substitute Bus Driver

Photo of Christine Danewicz

Christine Danewicz

Custodian - Oakwood

  • Email Christine Danewicz
Photo of Donna Dicharia

Donna Dicharia

Custodian - Old Quarry

  • Email Donna Dicharia
Photo of Stanislawa Garczek

Stanislawa Garczek

Custodian - Oakwood

  • Email Stanislawa Garczek
Photo of Joe Gloeckle

Joe Gloeckle

Custodian - Central

Photo of Kim Hayes

Kim Hayes

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Operations

  • Email Kim Hayes
Photo of Gina Hermosillo

Gina Hermosillo

Custodian - Old Quarry

  • Email Gina Hermosillo
Photo of Elizabeth Hill

Elizabeth Hill

Custodian - Old Quarry

Photo of Czestawa Janik

Czestawa Janik

Custodian - Central

Photo of Halina Juchas

Halina Juchas

Custodian - River Valley

  • Email Halina Juchas
Photo of William Just

William Just

Bus Driver - Bus 8

Photo of Ron Levin

Ron Levin

Bus Driver - Bus 26

Photo of Glen Little

Glen Little

Custodian - Old Quarry

  • Email Glen Little
Photo of Maria Majchrowski

Maria Majchrowski

Custodian - River Valley

  • Email Maria Majchrowski
Photo of Pedro Mata

Pedro Mata

Bus Driver - Bus 18

Photo of Clark McDowell

Clark McDowell

Custodian - Oakwood

  • Email Clark McDowell
Photo of Howard Miller

Howard Miller

Custodian - Oakwood

  • Email Howard Miller
Photo of Robert Minetti

Robert Minetti

Custodian - Old Quarry

  • Email Robert Minetti
Photo of Linda Palmer

Linda Palmer

Bus Driver - Bus 2

Photo of Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts

Maintenance / Substitute Bus Driver

Photo of Jozefa Strama

Jozefa Strama

Custodian - River Valley / Substitute Bus Driver

  • Email Jozefa Strama
Photo of Jo Ann Sworan

Jo Ann Sworan

Bus Driver - Bus 23

Photo of Tanya Tumbeva

Tanya Tumbeva

Custodian - Old Quarry

Photo of Maria Villalobos

Maria Villalobos

Custodian - River Valley

Photo of Philip Wegele

Philip Wegele

Bus Driver - Bus 10

Photo of Jacek Wojciechowski

Jacek Wojciechowski

Custodian - Old Quarry

  • Email Jacek Wojciechowski
Photo of Terry Xydakis

Terry Xydakis

Custodian - River Valley

  • Email Terry Xydakis
Photo of Philip Zaras

Philip Zaras

Bus Driver - Bus 4