Bus Rules and Procedures

School bus service is provided to all eligible students in the District.  The District’s responsibility for supervision during transportation applies only to loading, transporting and unloading students at proper locations.  With so many regular bus stops, we cannot monitor student behavior at them, and therefore the school district is not responsible for student demeanor at such locations.  We ask the cooperation of parents and community members to help the students meet civic responsibilities and demonstrate appropriate behavior.  Moreover, the District does not check to see if students use alternate methods of transportation.  The District bears no responsibility in such cases.  To ensure safe operation of the school busses, students must obey the following rules.  Failure to abide by these rules may result in the loss of bus transportation privileges.  For your child’s safety, video cameras have been installed on District busses to monitor and encourage good behavior.  The camera enables the driver to concentrate on driving the bus.

  1. Students should be at the designated school bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is due.
  2. Students must stay off the road at all times while waiting for the bus.
  3. Students must be seated at all times while the bus is in motion.
  4. Students must be quiet enough at all times in order to remain alert to a danger signal from the driver.
  5. Students must remain in the bus in the event of a road emergency until instructions are given by the driver.
  6. Students must keep hands and heads inside of the bus at all times.  Absolutely nothing may be thrown out of the bus windows or anywhere within the bus.
  7. Students must refrain from all loud talking, laughing or unnecessary confusion such as:  Fighting, vulgarities, bullying and disrespectful behavior, which might divert the bus driver’s attention.
  8. Students must be absolutely quiet when the bus is approaching a railroad crossing.
  9. Students must treat bus equipment with proper respect.  Tampering with the bus or any of its equipment is forbidden at all times.
  10. Students must assist in keeping the bus safe and sanitary at all times.  No eating any food, candy, beverages or gum on the bus.
  11. Students must never carry animals on the bus.
  12. Students must keep books, packages, coats and all other objects out of the aisles at all times while the bus is in motion.
  13. Students must leave no books, lunches or other articles in the bus.
  14. Students may not use pagers, cellular phones, laser pointers and other such electronic devices.  Music/Games with headphones are acceptable.  (The District is not responsible for lost/stolen or damaged devices.)
  15. Students must be courteous to the driver and respectful of each other at all times.  Older students must help maintain the safety of younger children on the bus, so that the younger children feel comfortable and secure.
  16. Students must NOT ask the driver to stop at places other than the regular bus stop, since the driver is not permitted to do this unless authorized by school officials.
  17. Students must observe all safety precautions when loading or unloading the bus.
  18. Students must observe all bus rules while riding, whether it be to and from school or while riding during field trips of any kind.
  19. Due to routing schedules and load condition requirements, students will not be allowed to ride any bus other than the one they have been assigned. Under emergency circumstances and prior approval by administration, changes will be considered. To change a route or stop that has been previously assigned a minimum or 48 hours notification is required.