Bus Safety Information

Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, District 113A has officially brought School Bus Safety into our classrooms. 

The Operations Department worked hand in hand with each of the schools to introduce Bus Safety Curriculum into our classrooms and to use a portion of the training time to practice bus evacuations while the classroom training was still fresh in their minds.

Our objective was to familiarize children of all ages with the hazards associated with getting to the bus stop and how to make safe choices to avoid these hazards.

The program uses video examples, classroom discussions and illustrations to drive home the importance of Safety while "waiting at the bus stop", "approaching the bus", "boarding the bus", "behaving on the bus", "emergency exits", "leaving the bus", "bus departure, and "dropping and retrieving items" .  It even encourages our children to remind their parents of the role that they play in keeping our School Buses safe while on route to and from school each day.  By means of a jingle that they saw used on the video and repeated in class, they have an important message for parents and others who are on the road each day.

School Bus, School Bus from behind....Flashing Lights mean stop in line.

School Bus, School Bus from ahead....Slow on Yellow, Stop on Red.

School Bus, School Bus four lanes or wider...Approach with caution, be a safe driver.

Please, take the time to talk to your children about the importance of following Safe Bus Riding Practices.  And when driving,  teach them respect for the "Big Yellow Bus" by practicing the words of the jingle....Slow down, prepare to stop and use the utmost caution when nearing a school bus.

View here to visit the Illinois State Board of Education for more safety reminders