OW Weekly Connection 2/12/19

Good evening,

Oakwood and River Valley is seeking your help as we have had reports from concerned citizens who are our school neighbors on Hillview. When dropping off or picking students up we'd like you to remember to adhere to a few safety rules.
1. Please don't block driveways, sidewalks or areas that appear to be areas our students would be walking.

2. Please be highly sensitive to your surroundings. Snow and ice can cause slippery pavement, even when salted and shoveled, creating a situation that can cause slipping.

3. Please watch students around your car and as they get in and out of cars.

4. Snow piles in the neighborhood can make walking to school difficult for our walkers. Please drive extra slowly around the school and in school walking zones.

5. When dropping off or picking up, please pull forward. We ask that you pull as far forward as possible so we can fit as many cars as possible in our drop off areas in front of our buildings.

Thank you in advance for cooperation and support to ensure our school and community is safe each day.

Weekly Parent Connection

Have a great week!

Kelly Zimmerman