Reward Snowball Fights

At Oakwood, we practice the 3 R's on a daily basis - that's being RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, AND READY! When students are "caught" practicing these characteristics, they are rewarded with a Bear Sticker. Every class received a large letter R at the beginning of the school year, and students add their stickers to the R, explaining to the class how they earned it. When the class fills their letter R with stickers, Mr. Trsar gives the class a reward.

Mrs. Landgrave's 2nd Grade class was the first to fill their letter R, and they chose a "snowball fight" reward. Check out the action as Mr. Trsar referees the class as they play.

Ms. Rokaitis' 2nd Grade Class was next to win their reward, and they also chose the snowball fight. 

We'll have to wait and see who wins next! Keep encouraging your kiddos to follow the 3 Rs, be RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL AND READY!