Miss March


I would like to welcome you to First Grade at Oakwood! Before your child begins first grade, it is important to understand more about Oakwood School and Lemont-Bromberek School District 113A: 

Mission Statement

Oakwood School works collectively with students, parents and staff to achieve a child-centered environment that promotes academic progress, personal and social growth, as well as the development of life skills, self-esteem, and a lifelong love of learning.

Vision Statement

Through a "pawsitive", collaborative, and sustained effort among staff, students, and the community, Oakwood School will strive to foster school excellence in a safe, nurturing learning environment filled with mutual respect where uniqueness is valued, successes are celebrated, and active learning takes place. Our vision provides students with a quality education and skill set to become self-directed, responsible, successful lifelong learners and leaders.

Our Belief Statements

We believe…

…that learning is an on-going process for both adults and students.

…that engaging students in the learning process should be our ultimate goal.

…that it is the teachers' and the principals’ collective responsibility to assure that each child has a successful experience in school, academically, socially, and emotionally.

…that students learn best when they feel safe.

…in the power of research-based teaching, instructional leadership, and PLC planning.

…that the staff must model what it expects children to do and learn.

...that data drives instruction. Through flexible grouping and differentiated instruction, all students will reach their learning potential.

…in supporting and assisting teachers and staff in their efforts to assure each child’s success.

…that Oakwood students may start out small, but grow to be great.

…that a school is effective only if all teachers across all grade levels work together as a problem-solving group to address issues which arise concerning the improvement of the school and relationships within the school.

…that together we will have an outstanding year.