PBS (Positive Behavior System) 

Paws-i-tively Good Character

River Valley School reinforces good behavior and character through a school-wide reinforcement system. Below are the details.

Kind of reinforcement: PAWS when displaying good character and behavior

Who receives PAWS: Students

Who gives PAWS: Staff members

When do they get PAWS: Throughout the day in various locations

When do students receive rewards: Once a week on Fridays a raffle will be held to randomly pick PAWS.

What will be reinforced?

The three Rs will be the three character traits to be reinforced throughout the year. The 3 Rs are:

  1. Be Ready
  2. Be Respectful
  3. Be Responsible

Please see River Valley Expectation Chart below for the details under each category. It will be important that you review them with your child(ren).

Although these rules will be expected to be followed throughout the school year, we will be emphasizing the following:

Be Ready: September, December, and March

Be Responsible: October, January, and April

Be Respectful: November, February, and May

Click links below to read more about our PAWS Programing.