Registration Information for Current Students for the 2024-2025 School Year 

In-District 113A Student Registration

Registration is now open for the 2024-2025 school year and must be completed online through the Skyward student information platform. Students currently registered at Lemont-Bromberek School District 113A must complete registration on an annual basis. Online registration is due May 1, 2024.

Who must register and prove residency?

  • Oakwood Learning Friends Preschoolers returning to preschool.
  • Oakwood Learning Friends Preschoolers moving up to Kindergarten. 
  • Students currently enrolled in Grades 1-7.
  • DHH students living out of district boundaries will receive separate registration instructions.

How To Complete Registration:

  • Log into your Skyward account using a computer or the Skyward mobile app. 
  • Click the 2024-2025 Current Student Registration tile on your child’s Skyward profile. 
  • Verify or make additions/corrections to your student’s information. 
  • Upload proof of residency documentation where indicated. (A list of readily acceptable documents is linked at the end of this form.) 
  • Don’t forget to click “Submit!”
  • Repeat this process for each child. 


  • You will see a new tile for each form you open and start. 
  • Once submitted, your child’s registration tile will read “Submitted.”
  • If the tile reads “In Progress,” go back into the form and click Submit.
  • If you reopen the tile after submitting it, you must click Submit again.
  • After your form is reviewed and approved, it will disappear from the student dashboard.
  • Registration will be marked complete upon payment of student fees after July 1, 2024.

Students entering 9th grade must register with Lemont High School district separately.

Residency Verification

All District 113A residents registering current students for the 2024-2025 school year must provide proof of residency. Verifying residency is an effort to protect taxpayers and district resources by identifying non-residents attending District 113A schools. Illinois law mandates that parents demonstrate residency before school enrollment and allows for periodic verification to validate compliance with the law. 

To support this effort, the district will also electronically verify student address information using a residency database. The parents’ or guardians’ address information will be evaluated against public record databases such as credit bureaus, utility companies, etc. Families whose residency we cannot verify may be asked to provide additional documentation. Contact the registrar if you cannot provide the requested documentation by calling 630-257-2286 ext 4617 or emailing [email protected].


For additional information regarding registration for 2024-2025, please see the links below:


If you have any trouble completing the registration form, please contact your current school secretary.

Oakwood: Becky Phillips 630-257-2286 ext. 1110, [email protected]
River Valley: Jessica Krawczyk 630-257-2286 ext. 2100, [email protected]
Central School: Jennifer Gould 630-257-2286 ext. 3100, [email protected]
Old Quarry: Amanda Roth 630-257-2286 ext. 4100, [email protected]