Oakwood School People

Photo of Dimitra Georganas

Dimitra Georganas


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Photo of Ryan Talaga

Ryan Talaga

Assistant Principal

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Photo of Meagan Ary

Meagan Ary

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Kara Auchstetter

Kara Auchstetter

Speech and Language Pathologist

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Photo of Grace Berta

Grace Berta

Physical Education

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Photo of Nicole Bouchard

Nicole Bouchard

1st Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/ms-nicole-bouchard (opens in new window)
Photo of Micah Brandhandler

Micah Brandhandler

Music Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mr-micah-brandhandler (opens in new window)
Photo of Laura Candela

Laura Candela


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Photo of Lisa Crispo

Lisa Crispo


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Photo of Kimberly Cryer

Kimberly Cryer


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Photo of Alice Dennie

Alice Dennie


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Photo of Jenna Deolitsis

Jenna Deolitsis

1st Grade Teacher

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Photo of Taylor DeSandre

Taylor DeSandre

Social Worker

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Photo of Gianna Harbut

Gianna Harbut

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Jamie Henry

Jamie Henry

Title 1 Math Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/ms-henry (opens in new window)
Photo of Taylor Herschbach

Taylor Herschbach

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Justine Hickey

Justine Hickey

1st Grade Teacher

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Photo of Danielle Hooker

Danielle Hooker

Speech Pathologist

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/danielle-arendt (opens in new window)
Photo of Jennifer Isaacson

Jennifer Isaacson

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Suzanne Jacobs

Suzanne Jacobs

Occupational Therapist

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Photo of Shelley Jobb

Shelley Jobb

EC/Learning Friends Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-shelley-jobb (opens in new window)
Photo of Nicole Kirchner

Nicole Kirchner

Speech and Language Pathologist

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Photo of Gayle Kraker

Gayle Kraker


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Photo of Beata Kresso-Zielonka

Beata Kresso-Zielonka

Polish Bilingual Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-beata-kressozielonka (opens in new window)
Photo of Beatriz Lappay

Beatriz Lappay

Special Education

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Photo of Joan Lenz

Joan Lenz


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Photo of Gayle Litsogannis

Gayle Litsogannis

Early Childhood Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-gayle-litsogannis (opens in new window)
Photo of John Matosian

John Matosian

Social Worker

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Photo of Donna Mazzotti

Donna Mazzotti


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Photo of Bridget McCafferty

Bridget McCafferty

Art Teacher

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Photo of Corryn McCloskey

Corryn McCloskey

Instructional Coach

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-mccloskey (opens in new window)
Photo of Sara McKendry

Sara McKendry


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Photo of Kendall Nepote

Kendall Nepote

Differentiation Specialist

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Photo of Amanda Novak

Amanda Novak

First Grade Teacher

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Photo of Sidney O'Neill

Sidney O'Neill

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Katelyn Orth

Katelyn Orth

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Vanessa Palcu

Vanessa Palcu

Early Childhood Program Assistant/Paraprofessional

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Photo of Paige Pehlke

Paige Pehlke

Special Education

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Photo of Katelyn Peterson

Katelyn Peterson

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Audrey Phelan

Audrey Phelan

Special Education

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Photo of Becky Phillips

Becky Phillips


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Photo of Jessica Pignotti

Jessica Pignotti


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Photo of Laura Rajuncas

Laura Rajuncas

Bilingual Teacher

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Photo of Joseph Rigg

Joseph Rigg

Physical Education

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Photo of Colleen Riordan

Colleen Riordan

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Katie Robinson
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Photo of Kaitlan Ronald

Kaitlan Ronald

1st Grade Teacher

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Photo of Katelyn Roth

Katelyn Roth

Kindergarten Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/miss-katelyn-roth (opens in new window)
Photo of Joanne Rowe

Joanne Rowe


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Photo of Margaret Schmitz

Margaret Schmitz

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Jennifer Schoell

Jennifer Schoell


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Photo of Megan Seifert

Megan Seifert

1st Grade Teacher

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Photo of Julie Serpe

Julie Serpe

LRC Assistant

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Photo of Kathleen Sherwood

Kathleen Sherwood

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Tracy Simon

Tracy Simon

Technology Integration Specialist

Twitter https://twitter.com/tsimon

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-t (opens in new window)
Photo of Ronda Splitt

Ronda Splitt


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Photo of Suellen Sredin

Suellen Sredin


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Photo of Isabella Triantafel

Isabella Triantafel

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Tova Umlauf

Tova Umlauf

Early Childhood Teacher

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Photo of Makenzie Vargo

Makenzie Vargo

1st Grade Teacher

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Photo of Casie Vidjecan

Casie Vidjecan

Kindergarten Teacher

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Photo of Lori Villasenor

Lori Villasenor

Reading Specialist

Twitter http://@oakwoodreading1

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-lori-villasenor (opens in new window)
Photo of Allison Walsh

Allison Walsh

1st Grade Teacher

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Photo of Megan Wilson

Megan Wilson

First Grade Teacher

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Photo of Amanda Wittke

Amanda Wittke

1st Grade Teacher

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Photo of Lisa Wren

Lisa Wren

Early Childhood Teacher

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