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Photo of Shirley Kleehammer

Shirley Kleehammer


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Photo of Ali Lincoln

Ali Lincoln

Assistant Principal

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Photo of Lydia Assensi

Lydia Assensi


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Photo of Cassidy Baran

Cassidy Baran

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Victoria Bass

Victoria Bass

STEAM Teacher

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Photo of Cheryl Benoit

Cheryl Benoit


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Photo of Cheryl Berchman

Cheryl Berchman

Social Worker

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Photo of Sharon Bingen

Sharon Bingen

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Karen Breszach

Karen Breszach


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Photo of Kaylyn Brothers

Kaylyn Brothers

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Catherine Burch

Catherine Burch

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Kelli Casey

Kelli Casey

Instructional Coach

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Photo of Renee Christ

Renee Christ

Reading Specialist

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Photo of Bridget Christensen

Bridget Christensen

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Grace Crosby

Grace Crosby

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Sarah Cruitt

Sarah Cruitt

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Colin Curatolo

Colin Curatolo

Music Teacher

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Photo of Samantha Dalaskey

Samantha Dalaskey

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Michael Dombkowski

Michael Dombkowski


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Photo of Michelle Dvorak

Michelle Dvorak

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Madison Ellers

Madison Ellers

Art Teacher

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Genevieve Enyart

Occupational Therapist

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Photo of Sarah Fedele

Sarah Fedele

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Kimberly Feltz

Kimberly Feltz

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Maureen Gallimore

Maureen Gallimore


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Photo of Jennifer Gould

Jennifer Gould


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Photo of Hailey Hartford

Hailey Hartford

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Michelle Iazzetto
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Photo of Kathy Jaremek

Kathy Jaremek

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Marissa Korso

Marissa Korso

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Lisa Kross

Lisa Kross

LRC Assistant

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Photo of Katelyn Kukulka

Katelyn Kukulka

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Nancy Malnar

Nancy Malnar

Physical Education

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Photo of Ali Marten

Ali Marten

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Suzanne Meyer

Suzanne Meyer

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Rebecca Michalski

Rebecca Michalski

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Claire O'Leary

Claire O'Leary

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Beverly O'Rozco

Beverly O'Rozco

Special Education

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Photo of Kathleen Parise

Kathleen Parise

Speech Pathologist

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Photo of Angela Pawola

Angela Pawola

Special Education

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Photo of Dana Pitlik

Dana Pitlik

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Renata Pogue

Renata Pogue

Bilingual Teacher

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Photo of Michelle Rakoczy

Michelle Rakoczy

Title 1 Math Teacher

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Photo of Natalie Salata

Natalie Salata

4th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Lauren Sanders

Lauren Sanders

Differentiation Specialist

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Photo of Kelsey Schildwachter

Kelsey Schildwachter

Special Education

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Photo of Tracy Simon

Tracy Simon

Technology Integration Specialist

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Photo of Emily Simpson

Emily Simpson

Special Education

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Photo of Jessica Sullivan

Jessica Sullivan

Special Education

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Photo of Joseph Targosz

Joseph Targosz

Physical Education

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Photo of Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Special Education

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Photo of Nicolette Visvardis

Nicolette Visvardis

5th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Gemma Wisz

Gemma Wisz


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