About Me

I am a Louisiana girl that was transplanted into the Chicago area in 2002. I have been teaching since 1986, and have taught Middle School as well as in the Intermediate grades. I decided to be a teacher when I was 5 years old and still love working with kids. It brings me great joy to learn and grow with them.

My husband, Matt, and I live in Berwyn, IL with our 2 girls: Maggie (a golden retriever) and Ella (a chocolate lab). In my spare time I enjoy cooking, reading, fixing up our home, and being with family.  

 Co-Author -  NOW Classrooms, Grades 3-5: Lessons for Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Technology (Supporting ISTE Standards for Students and Digital Citizenship) 

EL Ed K-9 BA
            Southeastern LA Univ
Teaching and Learning MS
            St. Francis University
Administration Type 75 Certificate
            Concordia University