Helpful Resources


Front Row Ed - This website can be used to help teach reading skills. The passages are at the students' independent level with questions to boost comprehension.

Newsela - Student interest current news and events. Can be at the students level and also has questions to boost comprehension

MAPS Reading practice - This resource helps students with their MAPS assessment. Once they have their scores from the fall, they can go here to practice the specific skills they need to work on to enhance their test scores. 


Khan Academy - A math based website that teaches the students specific skills in math. They can watch tutoring videos, take quizzes and go on missions to reteach and enhance their math skills. 

Front Row Ed -  This website can also be used to teach math skills. The students can watch videos and learn specific math skills at their level.

Go Math- Online accelerated math book. Students can review the lesson covered that day as well as gain access to their entire math book. 

My Math- The 5th grade math book. Students can review the lessons covered that day as well as gain access to the entire math book. 

Other resources:

Google Classroom- Assignments will be posted here. Students can turn in their work and some grades will be posted here. 

Student Symbaloo - This is much like an Iphone App homepage. It contains links to helpful resources that the students can just click the icon and be sent straight to the website. 

Quizlet - The students can create flashcards for tests and play games with the flashcards.