Lemont-Bromberek CSD113A Virtual Backpack

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The Lemont-Bromberek CSD113A School District has launched a new “green” approach to distributing information to students from non-profit organizations, intergovernmental agencies, and business partners, for which it grants approval. Rather than sending home approved flyers we will now be posting such information on a Virtual Backpack webpage throughout the school year for all to see. It is estimated that this will collectively save school staff many  hours of sorting and handling these flyers, as well as reduce the amount of paper being distributed saving our natural resources.

The school district and its schools will continue to send home information for parents and students in students’ backpacks. Teachers will send home assignments and materials as normal, so be sure to continue to check your child’s backpack frequently for school and classroom news and homework/grading.

Prior to submitting a flyer for approval: Please read the details regarding on our Distribution Guidelines. The decision to post is at the discretion of the district, based on those guidelines. Materials posted on this page are the responsibility of the organization represented, and endorsement by the district is neither direct nor implied.

To submit a flyer for approval: Those wishing to submit information to be posted on this Virtual Backpack website must do so by reading the Flyer Submission Guidelines, sending the required information via e-mail and attaching a PDF of the requested posting. This should be done at least 5 days in advance of the desired posting date.