Old Quarry Teacher Pages

Joe Sweeney


Shirley Kleehammer

Assistant Principal

Steve Nendza

Assistant Principal

Frank Alongi

Band Director

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mr (opens in new window)

Cathy Anderson

Music Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/cathy-anderson (opens in new window)

Michelle Anderson

6th/7th Grade Science Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/dr-michelle-anderson (opens in new window)

Amanda Borchert

Art Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-borchert (opens in new window)

Natalie Brown

Special Education

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/natalie-brown (opens in new window)

Cora Cachat

Title 1 Teacher

Patrick Casey

7th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/patrick-casey (opens in new window)

Annie Chromcak

7th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-annie-chromcak (opens in new window)

Natalee Ciesiun

8th Grade Teacher

Molly Cleary

Speech & Language Pathologist

Kim Darche

Instructional Coach

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/kim (opens in new window)

Danielle Diliberto

Social Worker

Gina Domjan

Physical Education

Daralyn Duffy

Special Education

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/daralyn-duffy (opens in new window)

Megan Ehn

8th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-ehn (opens in new window)

Katherine Fonneman

8th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/katie-janda (opens in new window)

Tom Gaw

Title 1 Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mr-gaw (opens in new window)

Amanda Grochowski

Special Education Teacher

Alyssa Hansen

7th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-hansen (opens in new window)

Colleen Hanson

7th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-colleen-hanson (opens in new window)

Julie Hayes

6th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/julie-hayes (opens in new window)

Kristen Hilburger


Brian Holdman

Physical Education

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mr-brian-holdman (opens in new window)

Sara Holzhauser

Health Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-sara-holzhauser (opens in new window)

Kristine Jensen

6th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-kristine-jensen (opens in new window)

Deborah Jilek

6th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/deb-jilek (opens in new window)

Laura Kawczynski

Communications Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/miss-kawczynski (opens in new window)

Dennis Kennedy

Physical Education

Sally Kievert

8th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-kievert (opens in new window)

Jennifer Klukas

6th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-jennifer-klukas (opens in new window)

Katherine Klukas

Reading Specialist

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/katie-klukas (opens in new window)

Peggy Knight


Lisa Kybartas

8th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-kybartas (opens in new window)

Renee Layman

7th and 8th Grade Teacher

Katarzyna Manka

Occupational Therapist

Melissa Manojlovic

6th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/melissa-manojlovic (opens in new window)

Cathy Marino

Lunchroom Supervisor

Laura Mathias


Olivia Mattingly

Language Arts and Math Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-mattingly (opens in new window)

Wendy McCleary


Tara McFadden

6th/7th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-mcfadden (opens in new window)

Mike Murlasits

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mr-murlasits (opens in new window)

David Nenn

6th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/david-nenn (opens in new window)

Michelle Nevin

7th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/michelle-nevin (opens in new window)

Megan O'Neill

ELA Teacher

Shqipe Osmani

8th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-shqipe (opens in new window)
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/miss-demarco (opens in new window)

Cyndi Picciola

Special Education

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-picciola (opens in new window)

Elizabeth Purcell

SPED Teacher

Sonya Raymond

6th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-raymond (opens in new window)

Mary Reed

Physical Education

Laura Rickerson

Special Education/NJHS Advisor

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-laura-rickerson (opens in new window)

Jessica Romanelli

Foreign Language

Amanda Roth


Jarrod Russotto

ELA Teacher

Kelli Schaffer

6th Grade Teacher

Tracy Schwarz


Tracy Simon

Technology Integration Specialist

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-t (opens in new window)

Antigoni Sotiros

6th Grade Teacher

  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-antigoni-sotiros (opens in new window)

Maureen Sperka


Kelly Sullivan

School Social Worker

Darlene Svoboda


Eileen Thomas

LRC Assistant

Jenna Treanor

Music Teacher

Deanna Valentino


Mary Weldon

Special Education Teacher

Pamela Westbrook