Old Quarry Teacher Pages

Photo of Joe Sweeney

Joe Sweeney


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David Jones

Assistant Principal

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Photo of Jennifer LaCombe

Jennifer LaCombe

Assistant Principal

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Photo of Frank Alongi

Frank Alongi

Band Director

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Photo of Renee Altmann

Renee Altmann

7th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Cathy Anderson

Cathy Anderson

Music Teacher

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Photo of Michelle Anderson

Michelle Anderson

STEAM Teacher

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Photo of Amanda Borchert

Amanda Borchert

Art Teacher

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Photo of Elizabeth Brendich

Elizabeth Brendich

7th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

Special Education

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Photo of Patrick Casey

Patrick Casey

8th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Annie Chromcak

Annie Chromcak

7th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Natalee Ciesiun

Natalee Ciesiun

8th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Molly Cleary

Molly Cleary

Speech & Language Pathologist

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Photo of Kristen Cook

Kristen Cook

8th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Alex Dennis

Alex Dennis

Special Education

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Photo of Danielle Diliberto

Danielle Diliberto

Social Worker

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Photo of Gina Domjan

Gina Domjan

Physical Education

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Photo of Megan Ehn

Megan Ehn

8th Grade Teacher

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Genevieve Enyart

Occupational Therapist

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Photo of Katherine Fonnemann

Katherine Fonnemann

8th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Tom Gaw

Tom Gaw

8th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Amanda Grochowski

Amanda Grochowski

Special Education Teacher

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Photo of Alyssa Hansen

Alyssa Hansen

7th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Colleen Hanson

Colleen Hanson

6th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Kaylee Harris

Kaylee Harris

Spanish Teacher

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Photo of Kristen Hilburger

Kristen Hilburger


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Photo of Brian Holdman

Brian Holdman

Physical Education

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Sara Holzhauser

Health Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-sara-holzhauser (opens in new window)
Photo of Jennifer Howeler

Jennifer Howeler

Social Worker

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Photo of Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt

Physical Education

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Photo of Kim Jackson

Kim Jackson

6th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Kristine Jensen

Kristine Jensen

6th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Deborah Jilek

Deborah Jilek

6th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Brian Jurinek

Brian Jurinek

Special Education

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Photo of Dennis Kennedy

Dennis Kennedy

Physical Education

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Photo of Alexander Klesken

Alexander Klesken

6th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Jennifer Klukas

Jennifer Klukas

6th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Peggy Knight

Peggy Knight


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Photo of Lisa Kybartas

Lisa Kybartas

8th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Julianne Leclair

Julianne Leclair

Bilingual Teacher

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Christy Letrich


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Cheri Lynch

Special Education

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Photo of Lauren Lysy

Lauren Lysy

Communications Teacher

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Photo of Melissa Manojlovic

Melissa Manojlovic

6th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Laura Mathias

Laura Mathias


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Photo of Olivia Mattingly

Olivia Mattingly

7th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Taylor McCormick

Taylor McCormick

6th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Tara McFadden

Tara McFadden

7th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Caleigh McGowan

Caleigh McGowan

School Social Worker

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Photo of Jessica Medgyesi

Jessica Medgyesi

Special Education

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Photo of Mike Murlasits

Mike Murlasits

8th Grade Teacher

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Photo of David Nenn

David Nenn

6th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Michelle Nevin

Michelle Nevin

7th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Diana Nowak

Diana Nowak

7th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Megan O'Neill

Megan O'Neill

7th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Shqipe Osmani

Shqipe Osmani

8th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Cyndi Picciola

Cyndi Picciola

Special Education

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Photo of Laura Powell

Laura Powell

7th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Mary Reed

Mary Reed

Physical Education

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Photo of Laura Rickerson

Laura Rickerson

Title 1 Math Teacher

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Photo of Amanda Roth

Amanda Roth


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Photo of Jarrod Russotto

Jarrod Russotto

8th Grade Teacher

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  • Email Rebecca Schmeltzer
Photo of Tracy Simon

Tracy Simon

Technology Integration Specialist

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Photo of Antigoni Sotiros

Antigoni Sotiros

6th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Carolyn Stack

Carolyn Stack


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Photo of Eileen Thomas

Eileen Thomas

LRC Assistant

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Photo of Jenna Treanor

Jenna Treanor

Music Teacher

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Photo of Deanna Valentino

Deanna Valentino


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Cindy Wainwright

Reading Specialist

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Photo of Grace Walter

Grace Walter

6th Grade Teacher

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Photo of Sarah Wintercorn

Sarah Wintercorn

Special Education

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