Old Quarry Teacher Pages

Joe Sweeney


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Shirley Kleehammer

Assistant Principal

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Steve Nendza

Assistant Principal

  • Email Steve Nendza

Frank Alongi

Band Director

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mr (opens in new window)

Cathy Anderson

Music Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/cathy-anderson (opens in new window)

Michelle Anderson

6th/7th Grade Science Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/dr-michelle-anderson (opens in new window)

Amanda Borchert

Art Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-borchert (opens in new window)

Natalie Brown

Special Education

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/natalie-brown (opens in new window)

Patrick Casey

7th Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/patrick-casey (opens in new window)

Annie Chromcak

7th Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-annie-chromcak (opens in new window)

Natalee Ciesiun

8th Grade Teacher

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Molly Cleary

Speech & Language Pathologist

  • Email Molly Cleary

Kristen Cook

7th and 8th Grade Teacher

  • Email Kristen Cook

Kim Darche

Instructional Coach

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/kim (opens in new window)

Danielle Diliberto

Social Worker

  • Email Danielle Diliberto

Gina Domjan

Physical Education

  • Email Gina Domjan

Megan Ehn

8th Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-ehn (opens in new window)

Katherine Fonneman

8th Grade Teacher

  • Email Katherine Fonneman
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/katie-janda (opens in new window)

Aleksandra Gavrilovic

Social Worker

  • Email Aleksandra Gavrilovic

Tom Gaw

8th Grade Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mr-gaw (opens in new window)

Amanda Grochowski

Special Education Teacher

  • Email Amanda Grochowski

Alyssa Hansen

7th Grade Teacher

  • Email Alyssa Hansen
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-hansen (opens in new window)

Colleen Hanson

6th Grade Teacher

  • Email Colleen Hanson
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-colleen-hanson (opens in new window)

Julie Hayes

6th Grade Teacher

  • Email Julie Hayes
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/julie-hayes (opens in new window)

Kristen Hilburger


  • Email Kristen Hilburger

Brian Holdman

Physical Education

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mr-brian-holdman (opens in new window)

Sara Holzhauser

Health Teacher

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  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-sara-holzhauser (opens in new window)

Jennifer Hunt

Physical Education

  • Email Jennifer Hunt
  • Email Michelle Iazzetto

Kim Jackson

6th Grade Teacher

  • Email Kim Jackson

Kristine Jensen

6th Grade Teacher

  • Email Kristine Jensen
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-kristine-jensen (opens in new window)

Deborah Jilek

6th Grade Teacher

  • Email Deborah Jilek
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/deb-jilek (opens in new window)

Laura Kawczynski

7th Grade Teacher

  • Email Laura Kawczynski
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/miss-kawczynski (opens in new window)

Dennis Kennedy

Physical Education

  • Email Dennis Kennedy

Catherine Kikos

7th Grade Teacher

  • Email Catherine Kikos

Jennifer Klukas

6th Grade Teacher

  • Email Jennifer Klukas
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-jennifer-klukas (opens in new window)

Peggy Knight


  • Email Peggy Knight

Lisa Kross


  • Email Lisa Kross

Lisa Kybartas

8th Grade Teacher

  • Email Lisa Kybartas
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-kybartas (opens in new window)

Renee Layman

7th Grade Teacher

  • Email Renee Layman

Lauren Lysy

8th Grade Teacher

  • Email Lauren Lysy

Melissa Manojlovic

6th Grade Teacher

  • Email Melissa Manojlovic
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/melissa-manojlovic (opens in new window)

Cathy Marino

Lunchroom Supervisor

  • Email Cathy Marino

Laura Mathias


  • Email Laura Mathias

Olivia Mattingly

Language Arts and Math Teacher

  • Email Olivia Mattingly
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-mattingly (opens in new window)

Tara McFadden

6th/7th Grade Teacher

  • Email Tara McFadden
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-mcfadden (opens in new window)

Mike Murlasits

8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

  • Email Mike Murlasits
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mr-murlasits (opens in new window)

David Nenn

6th Grade Teacher

  • Email David Nenn
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/david-nenn (opens in new window)

Michelle Nevin

7th Grade Teacher

  • Email Michelle Nevin
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/michelle-nevin (opens in new window)

Megan O'Neill

ELA Teacher

  • Email Megan O'Neill

Shqipe Osmani

8th Grade Teacher

  • Email Shqipe Osmani
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-shqipe (opens in new window)

Brianna Paczkowski

SPED Teacher

  • Email Brianna Paczkowski
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/miss-demarco (opens in new window)

Cyndi Picciola

Special Education

  • Email Cyndi Picciola
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-picciola (opens in new window)

Elizabeth Purcell

SPED Teacher

  • Email Elizabeth Purcell

Mary Reed

Physical Education

  • Email Mary Reed

Laura Rickerson

Special Education/NJHS Advisor

  • Email Laura Rickerson
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-laura-rickerson (opens in new window)

Jessica Romanelli

Foreign Language

  • Email Jessica Romanelli

Amanda Roth


  • Email Amanda Roth

Jarrod Russotto

ELA Teacher

  • Email Jarrod Russotto

Tracy Schwarz


  • Email Tracy Schwarz

Tracy Simon

Technology Integration Specialist

  • Email Tracy Simon
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-t (opens in new window)

Antigoni Sotiros

6th Grade Teacher

  • Email Antigoni Sotiros
  • www.sd113a.org/[email protected]/mrs-antigoni-sotiros (opens in new window)

Kelly Sullivan

School Social Worker

  • Email Kelly Sullivan

Hanada Sweis

7th Grade Teacher

  • Email Hanada Sweis

Eileen Thomas

LRC Assistant

  • Email Eileen Thomas

Jenna Treanor

Music Teacher

  • Email Jenna Treanor

Deanna Valentino


  • Email Deanna Valentino

Mary Weldon

Special Education Teacher

  • Email Mary Weldon

Pamela Westbrook


  • Email Pamela Westbrook