District Office People

Dr. Anthony McConnell


Education: Doctorate in Education, Educational Administration, Western Illinois U...

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Katie Krop

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

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Cathy Aguirre

Accounts Payable

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Tricia Baker

Compensation and Benefits

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Susan Buhle

Administrative Assistant for Student Services

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Pat Crean

Director of Operations

EDUCATION: South Suburban College       &nbsp...

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Dr. Daniela Fountain

Assistant Superintendent

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Barbara Germany

Business Manager, CSBO

EDUCATION: BS Accounting - Depaul University - 1985 MBA - St. Xavier University -...

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Laura Gilmartin

Director of Teaching and Learning

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Kim Hayes

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Operations

I have worked at District 113A since 1998 in various postitions and buildings.  I ...

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Rachel Rode

Administrative Assistant for Curriculum and Personnel

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Heidi Rudy

Director of Student Services

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Jake Smith

Director of Technology

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Megan Steelman

Assistant Director of Student Services

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