SD113A Announces Assistant Principals at Old Quarry Middle School and River Valley

During their June 18, 2024 regular meeting, the Lemont-Bromberek Combined School District 113A Board of Education voted unanimously to hire Mrs. Kristen Salwierak as an Assistant Principal at Old Quarry Middle School and Mr. Johnny Billingsley as the Assistant Principal of River Valley School. Salwierak will replace Jennifer LaCombe who has been promoted to district office as the new Assistant Director of Student Services and Billingsley will replace Sara Weeks who has been promoted to the principal of River Valley.


Mrs. Salwierak joins the administrative team with over 18 years of experience in education and currently serves as an Assistant Principal in Oswego’s largest elementary building. Mr. Billingsley is a familiar face and rejoins SD113A after serving as a principal, assistant principal and teacher for over 24 years.

After a rigorous and comprehensive process consisting of multiple rounds of interviews, these administrators emerged as the top candidates for each school. The Old Quarry interview committee described Mrs. Salwierak as a “positive, confident relationship-builder and someone with great experience who is extremely motivated and a servant leader.” Likewise, the River Valley committee who interviewed Mr. Billingsley described him as “eloquent, calm, humble, experienced and confident” and “a candid, honest leader who wants to return to SD113A.”

Dr. Orzel shared, “Both of these candidates bring experience and expertise to their respective positions in SD113A. Mrs. Salwierek has a great energy that she will bring to the middle school, and she has served in a student services role that will lend itself well to the role at Old Quarry. Similarly, Mr. Billingsley has previously worked in our district, and he will bring knowledge, energy and experience to this role. Both are caring, charismatic, and student-focused leaders.”

“I am very honored to have the opportunity to serve as the Assistant Principal of Student Services at Old Quarry Middle School. My goal is to support a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment fostering a love for learning. I am excited to support the school community to support students' needs,” said Salwierak. Likewise, Mr. Billingsley said, “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Assistant Principal of River Valley and return to SD113A. Working in the Lemont community were some of the best years of my career, and I look forward to supporting Principal Weeks as well as the River Valley staff and parents as we work together to serve our students.”

A meet and greet with SD113A administrators will be held in the summer.