SD1113A Announces Principal and Assistant Principal for Oakwood School

During a June 5, 2024 special meeting, the Lemont-Bromberek Combined School District 113A Board of Education voted unanimously to hire Ryan Talaga as the Principal of Oakwood School and Kim Luther as the Assistant Principal of Oakwood School. 

Mr. Talaga currently serves as the Assistant Principal of Oakwood since 2020 and has previous experience as a Dean of Students and a teacher. Mrs. Luther is currently a Student Services Coordinator in LaGrange District 105 where she also coordinates Early Childhood programming and has previous experience as a special education and kindergarten teacher.

After a rigorous and comprehensive process consisting of multiple rounds of interviews, including a team round comprised of Oakwood staff, parents and district administration, these administrators emerged as top candidates to lead Oakwood School.

The interview committee praised Talaga as transparent, relatable, and supportive, emphasizing his ability to lead by example. They described him as the perfect blend of experience and professionalism, highlighting his warm and welcoming interactions with all stakeholders. Similarly, they characterized Luther as thoughtful, highly experienced with this age group, student-focused, collaborative, and a reflective leader.

Dr. Orzel shared, “Mr. Talaga is the perfect choice to lead Oakwood School. His extensive knowledge of Oakwood, combined with his strong relationships with staff, parents, and students, makes him an exceptional fit for the principal role. Mrs. Luther, with her solid experience as a former kindergarten teacher and her work in Student Services, brings invaluable expertise to the assistant principal position, and she understands the unique needs of young learners. Together, they will make a dynamic team at Oakwood.”  

“It has been an honor and privilege to serve as the assistant principal at Oakwood Elementary School for the last four years. I am extremely grateful and humbled to step into the principal role and continue serving the students, staff, and families of SD113A. I look forward to opening the doors to our youngest learners in the fall and to provide an environment for all students where they feel safe, supported, accepted and develop a love for learning,” said Talaga. Likewise, Mrs. Luther said, “I am honored to join this vibrant community and eager to collaborate with staff, students, and stakeholders to foster an environment of excellence and growth.”

A meet and greet with SD113A administrators will be held in the summer.