SD113A Welcomes New Administrators for the 2024-25 School Year

New administrators

During their May 22, 2024 regular meeting, the Lemont-Bromberek Combined School District 113A Board of Education voted unanimously to hire Dr. Anthony Brooks as the Director of Student Services, Jennifer LaCombe as the Assistant Director of Student Services and Sara Weeks as the Principal of River Valley School beginning on July 1, 2024.

Dr. Brooks currently serves as an Executive Director for Special Services and has worked previously as a Director of Special Education, principal and assistant principal. He began his teaching career serving as an autism and life skills teacher. Mrs. LaCombe is currently the Assistant Principal at Old Quarry Middle School and has held previous positions as an assistant principal, student services coordinator and a special education teacher. Sara Weeks is the current Assistant Principal at River Valley School and has previously held positions as an assistant principal and teacher.

After a rigorous and comprehensive process consisting of multiple rounds of interviews including a team round of staff, parents and administration, these three administrators emerged as top candidates.

The interview committee praised Brooks as a blend of experience, knowledge, and organization, coupled with compassion, approachability, and empathy. They noted his exceptional fit due to his relatability and emphasis on effective communication with parents and staff. Similarly, they described LaCombe as an energetic and student-focused professional with a strong commitment and passion for SD113A. Regarding Sara Weeks, interviewers highlighted her dedication to the community and River Valley's success, emphasizing her deep care for students, staff, and the community as a whole, along with her understanding of the holistic needs of each child.

Dr. Orzel shared, “Dr. Brooks is a highly experienced and knowledgeable educator who brings a clear vision for student services and emphasizes the crucial role of transparent communication with our staff and families. Likewise, Mrs. LaCombe's experience in SD113A and her dedication to students will greatly benefit the Student Services department. Lastly, Mrs. Weeks, with her deep understanding of River Valley's staff, students, and community, not only ensures consistent leadership but also maintains a positive and engaging environment for our community. ”  

“It is truly an honor to be joining the team in District 113A! The emphasis on inclusive practices and the commitment to offering opportunities to all learners while celebrating diverse abilities and backgrounds make this team one that I am incredibly excited to join,” said Brooks. LaCombe shared, “I am deeply honored to serve the Lemont community as the Assistant Director of Student Services and look forward to collaborating with families and staff to enhance student experiences across the district.” Finally, Weeks said, “It is a true honor for me to step into the role as principal of River Valley. Working alongside the students, families, and staff the past two years has been incredible, and I look forward to continued collaboration, strengthening of relationships, and fostering a positive and inclusive environment for all students.”

A meet and greet with SD113A administrators will be held in the summer.