SD113A Hires Principal Kate Koch as Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Personnel

During their April 24, 2024 regular meeting, the Lemont-Bromberek Combined School District 113A Board of Education voted unanimously to hire Kate Koch as the Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Personnel beginning on July 1, 2024. 

Mrs. Koch has served as a principal and assistant principal in SD113A for the past five years, leading both River Valley and Oakwood schools. During her tenure, she has excelled as a principal at both schools leading systemic improvements and reaching new levels of achievement for students. She has been an essential contributor to highly successful district-wide initiatives and has shown her strengths and expertise as a leader and educator. 

After a rigorous and comprehensive process consisting of four rounds of interviews including interviews with certified staff, support staff, administration and the Board of Education, Koch emerged as the top candidate out of over 50 candidates who applied.

The interview committee who interviewed five finalists described Koch as “very professional, approachable, positive, prepared, genuine, organized and relatable,” and they also said that “she does a great job at balancing professional relationships while enforcing district policies.” 

References from staff, parents, supervisors, and college professors described her as an “accomplished leader and remarkably talented scholar.” Former supervisors also shared that Koch “is an exceptional educator who possesses a rare blend of vision, empathy, and strategic thinking,” while additional references said that she “has an incredibly thoughtful approach to everything she does.”

Board President Ascolani shared, “Mrs. Koch has a comprehensive understanding of our school district and has a proven record of positive performance. She leads with integrity and inspires others around her towards excellence. She is knowledgeable in the area of human resources and personnel and will have a tremendous impact on our entire school community.”  

“It is an absolute honor for me to serve in this new role to continue strengthening relationships while collaborating with all students, staff, and families in SD113A,” said Koch. “With a bright future ahead for the district, I'm thrilled for the opportunity to further enhance the already outstanding work happening in Lemont.”

In addition to her time as principal, Koch is a 2022 IASA Moon Scholarship recipient and a 2023 US News and World Report Best Elementary School award recipient. She recently obtained her Superintendent endorsement, has presented at the Illinois Principals Association to aspiring principals, and is working towards her doctorate. Her previous experiences include serving as an Assistant Principal, summer school director, and a middle social studies teacher.