Lady Warriors Volleyball 

Congratulations to the JV AND V players listed below.  Girls that did not make the team are encouraged to participate in outside park district or club volleyball.  Please view the attached practice and match schedule.  If your daughter practices at 2:45, she will be finished at 4:00.  If your daughter has a 4:00 practice, she will have a study hall in the gym in which she can bring a healthy snack to eat and she will be finished at 5:30.  Parents, please be prompt for pick-up, I've had to wait up 25 minutes this week and I have commitments after practice that I should not be late for.

Junior Varsity-practice Monday, 8/20 from 2:45-4

4AC, 8BK, 13LP, 14AR, 15AR, 72SS, 73EL, 27RC,  31AD,  32LG,  35AL, 40AP, 42OP, 44MS, 45KV

Varsity-practice Monday, 8/20 from 4-5:30   

 28MC,  36KM,  41LP, 43JR, 52EB, 53AE, 54NH,                               55KK, 56AK, 60LM, 61MM, 62BR, 66AE                                                                   

Please contact Coach Duffy with any [email protected]