Homework Tips

by Debbie Hessert


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Homework comes home in a packet each Monday beginning in September.  Please work on the packet together and return it to school on Friday of that week (or Thursday if there is no school on Friday).

Homework should not be too hard!  It should be a fun way for your child to show what he or she has learned and can do independently.  If there is a struggle over homework, please contact Mrs. Hessert.  

If the homework is too difficult or too easy, please feel free to modify it so that it suits your child's needs.

Reading at home is always a good way to add some together time to your schedule.  Please read for at least twenty minutes each day.  Read to your child or share the reading as your child gets more fluent.  Look for books that contain predictable or repetitive text.  If you are interested in a list of recommended reading please contact Mrs. Hessert.  Use the reading log and the baggie books to keep track of the reading you do at home.  Reading logs may be turned in whenever they are completed and will earn a sticker.

Math fluency will be very important this year.  Please use the math log to keep track of the math practice you do at home.  These are two sided and should be turned in whenever they are complete.  Make flash cards with your index cards and practice every day!

Spelling tests are given at the end of each week.  Spelling words are in the homework packet.  Practice spelling words as much as needed.   Spelling activities stay the same throughout the year, but the words change each week.

A writing prompt is included in the first homework packet of each month.  Please save the writing prompts and use at least one each week for the writing homework.  Students should do as much of the writing as they can.  This may vary from just copying a dictated sentence, to writing several complete sentences independently.


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