Homework Information

by Nicole Bouchard


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Your child will have nightly homework.  I will send a homework packet home on Mondays (or the first day of the week).  I expect this homework to be completed and turned in daily.  At the beginning of the year, there will be a box on each day of the homework packet for your initials.  Please help your child with the assignments and check each night that it is completed by signing your initials in the box.   As the year progresses, I will not require your initials on the homework packet.  I will send you a note when it is time to stop initialing the homework sheet.

 The homework packet will be assembled so that the homework for Monday night will be the last page in the packet.  This is so you simply have to pull the page off the back instead of flipping through all the pages.  When Monday’s homework is turned in, Tuesday night’s homework will be on the back of the packet and so on through the week. 

      Although homework is important because it helps reinforce skills learned in school, it does not always have to be an assigned paper and pencil task.  Daily “homework” suggestions include: reading with your child, reading to your child, playing games with math facts, practicing spelling words orally and on paper, and correcting/reviewing papers brought home.

Your child has been bringing a take home folder to and from school every day.  This folder will go home nightly and be returned to school the next day.  One side is marked “keep at home” and the other is marked “bring back to school”.  Please look for important papers and empty the folder every night



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