by Nicole Bouchard


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Dear Parents,

Oakwood School follows a traditional Monday through Friday rotation.  The following schedule outlines where we will go on a daily basis.  This schedule will remain the same throughout the entire school year.  

     Monday:      P.E.- 1:00-1:25

     Tuesday:      Music- 10:30-10:55 

                      P.E.- 1:00-1:25
                      Computers- 1:30- 2:00

     Wednesday: P.E.- 1:00-1:25

                     LRC Checkout- 2:20- 2:35

     Thursday:      Music- 10:30- 10:55
                     P.E.- 1:00-1:25
                     Computers- 1:45- 2:15

     Friday:          P.E.- 1:00-1:25


The children will need to wear gym shoes every day for P.E. (gym class).    

All library books should be returned on either Monday or Tuesday so that the librarian can check the books back into the LRC.  If your child forgets their library books on Monday or Tuesday, please send it on Wednesday.  If your child has not returned a book for the week, s/he will not be allowed to check out a new library book.

Due to program cuts, art and music will no longer be taught by specialists.  We will incorporate art and music into our regular school day.  



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