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Student Services: English Language Learners


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English Language Learners

By Susan Wulczyn

English Language Learners:


B-PAC (Bilingual Parent Advisory Council):

Our B-PAC serves the parents of English Language Learners by offering an opportunity to convene regularly to learn more about and participate in their children's education.  This year, meetings will be held at Oakwood School at 6 PM on the following dates and will include the topics outlined below:

Tuesday, September 24th- Parent training on use of the Lemont-Bromberek CSD 113A website 

Monday, December 9th- Review of the rules and regulations surrounding the provision of ELL services in Illinois 

Wednesday, March 12th- Parent training TBD

Tuesday, May 6th- Participation in the Grant application process for Title III funds


ALL are welcome to attend!


Perfect Match:  

The ELL Department was kept busy during the 2012-2013 school year by our participation in Perfect Match training.  For six days out of the district and many more  internal meetings, we delved into the research, analyzed our ELL data, discussed our current programming, and shared our findings with a group of parents, teachers, administrators, and other community stakeholders.  Effective program redesign is the ultimate goal of this constituent group, which will continue its work during the 2013-2014 school year.


How do students qualify for the ELL/Bilingual Programs? 

Upon completion of a Home Language Survey that indicates another language is spoken in the home or that the child speaks another language, a certified teacher will assess the academic English skills of the child prescribed assessment tools. Students are assessed on listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  If the student qualifies for the program, the family will be notified and the child will be placed in an appropriate program.

Transitional Program of Instruction (TPI) Description

Students who are learning English typically need support in the areas of reading, vocabulary development, writing, and comprehension.  The teachers of English Language Learners provide direct instruction in these areas in small groups both inside and outside the general education classrooms.  The goals of this program include meeting the academic achievement standards for grade promotion and developing proficiency in English.  Teachers offer content-based instruction at the students’ levels and augment the curricula students receive in their grade level classrooms.

Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) Description

The Transitional Bilingual Education program is for non-native English speaking students who need support to succeed in academic subjects and learn written and spoken English.  TBE is offered at schools that educate at least 20 students of one language.  Teachers are fluent in English and the students’ native language and provide increasing opportunities for the students to learn English, while supporting comprehension in the native language.  At Lemont-Bromberek CSD 113A, Polish is the only TBE program offered.  Currently, TBE for Polish ELLs is offered at Oakwood and River Valley Schools.

Our Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee meets on a regular basis- Please stay tuned for further information.

TBE/TPI Programs

Both programs for English Language Learners teach students using research-based principles of language instruction for English language learners. 

Parents have the right to refuse any or all elements of the program for their son/daughter or request that the student be instructed only in English as a part of the English as a Second Language program.  This requires that the parent submit their wishes, in writing, to the teacher or school administration.  We would be happy to talk with you about this decision at any time.

Exit procedures for all English Language Learners

Students remain in the Transitional Bilingual Education program until they reach proficiency in academic English based on the ACCESS test, which is offered annually in January/February.  Once proficiency is reached, students are monitored for continued success in their academics.

Special Education Services for English Language Learners 

For English Language Learners with special needs, decisions about language instruction by ELL teachers are made by the IEP team, which includes the parent and the teacher of English Language Learners.  All decisions are designed to meet the objectives of the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).  



Parent page of the ISBE website:



Multi-cultural books for teachers and parents:



Polish English Dictionary: 


Lithuanian-English Dictionary: 


ESL Activities and Games



Beginner Reading



Questions may be directed to one of our teachers of English Language Learners or to Susan Wulczyn, Director of Student Services, at swulczyn@sd113a.org or 630-257-2286 ext. 4611.


 Un sitio bilingüe para familias y maestros para ayudar a los niños a leer

For Spanish-speaking families- reading information/

 Esta sección bilingüe ha sido diseñada pensando en ustedes, con el fin de brindarles información útil para ayudar a sus hijos a convertirse en buenos lectores y en estudiantes de éxito.



Parent handbook:





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