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Old Quarry School: Teacher Pages/8th Grade: Ryan, Shawn


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Mr. Ryan's Home Page and daily work

It's your grade, earn it....

by Mr. Ryan

Mr. Ryan


mail to: sryan@sd113a.org
630-257-2286 Ext. 4 302

For more information

See link above for basketball information


Classzone.com information

Classzzone 7th grade student text code: 2467900-240

Classzzone 8th grade student text code: 2375582-230

Newsela Codes
2nd- SWYHZ
3rd- ZWANH
4th- TESJH
7th- QUEIO


Students are responsible for preparing for class, prior to class, every day.  This includes but is not limited to:SQ3r of chapter, bringing all materials needed for work (Pen, pencils, spiral, 2-pocket folder, red editing pen, highlighter, BAV spiral on BAV days and text) including additional materials for projects like glue sticks, poster boards, markers,tape, scissors.

Additionally, notetaking, while primarily done during class is an ongoing assignment that students need to be working on at home. 





  Two Week Format- scroll down please 


  • Lenovo registration in class with Tech support.
  • Prologue #1 work in text
  • Classzone.com review
  • Materials check
  • Text scavenger hunt
  • Classzone online 


  • Continue Prologue work # 1 and 2
    As a class
  • Chapter 1 Reading strategy and note taking strategy introduction


  •  Prologue work, #2/3
    Group activity
  • Reading strategy work
  • Essential Question, pg.19


  •  Prologue work, #3/4
  • Labor Day activities: text, handout & video (possibly) plus discussion


  •  Labor Day activity: text, handout & video (possibly) plus discussion
  • *Writing assignment on Labor Day
  • On line text registration
  • B.A.V.


  • *One paragraph on the importance of Labor Day.  Must include a quote from a parent or adult on the subject.  This may be hand written but has to be of a "final" quality when turned in TUESDAY.


 PLEASE review chapter materials from the week in preperation for next weeks assessment.

 BAV is to be reviewed as needed.  A spiral is mandatory that will be collected during each trimester. There will be BAV tests and a final exam.





Labor Day!  Labor Day!  



  • Collect Labor Day assignment
  • Prologue work 4.2 
  •  Collect chapter 1.1 notes and Graphic Org.
  • Intro Chapter 2
















Assignment details

   Writing samples for class will follow similar format throughout the year.  All answers must be full sentences.  Whenever possible answers must state source and author.  Details are important, use them to support your answers, always.

 SQ3R= Survey section looking for any nontext information to build background info., Q-give yourself focus by reviewing the essetntial question or questions prior to the actual reading, 3r- Read it!, review your understanding and finally reread. 


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