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Old Quarry School: Directory


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Name School Position Ext. E-Mail Address
Aguirre, Cathy Old Quarry Secretary 4110 CAguirre@sd113a.org 
Altmann, Carole Old Quarry DHH 4316 CAltmann@sd113a.org 
Anderson, Cathy Old Quarry  Music 4257 CAnderson@sd113a.org
Anderson, Michelle Old Quarry 5th Grade 4349 MAnderson@sd113a.org 
Andruczkiewicz, Monica District Driver - Bus 18 2801 MAndruczkiewicz@sd113a.org
Ankus, Silvia Oakwood EC Parapro 1347 SAnkus@sd113a.org 
Antonoff, Susan Old Quarry 8th Grade 4303 SAntonoff@sd113a.org 
Bouchard, Nicole Oakwood 1st Grade 1344 NBouchard@sd113a.org
Assensi, Lydia River Valley Special Education Parapro 2501 LAssensi@sd113a.org 
Aurelio, Mike BOE School Board Member 4510 MAurelio@sd113a.org 
Balcer, Amanda Oakwood 2nd Grade 1301 ABalcer@sd113a.org
Baltudis, Gail District Driver - Bus 26 2801 GBaltudis@sd113a.org
Beavers, Jill River Valley Special Education Parapro 2502 JBeavers@sd113a.org 
Berchman, Cheryl Oakwood/River Valley Social Worker 1226/2110 CBerchman@sd113a.org
Berner, Wendy Oakwood 2nd Grade 1385 WBerner@sd113a.org 
Bingen, Sharon Old Quarry 5th Grade 4369 SBingen@sd113a.org 
  District Office Superintendent 4605  
Blakeslee, Doran Old Quarry DHH 4313 DBlakeslee@sd113a.org
Blazewski, Kristy Oakwood 2nd Grade 1379 KBlazewski@sd113a.org 
Blickhahn, Ann District Driver - Bus 13 2801 ABlickhahn@sd113a.org
Boyce, Jean River Valley 4th Grade 2343 JBoyce@sd113a.org 
Boyce, Marge District Special Ed. Speech Consultant  1245 MBoyce@sd113a.org
Brady, Darlene Old Quarry Special Education Parapro 4502 dbrady@sd113a.org
Branda, Lee District Driver - Bus 10 2801 LBranda@sd113a.org
Brown, Natalie Old Quarry Special Education 4346 NBrown@sd113a.org 
Brylewski, Mark Oakwood  Custodian 1284 MBrylewski@sd113a.org
Burkhardt, Maggi Old Quarry/River Valley Psychologist 4370/2111 MBurkhardt@sd113a.org 
Bushnell, Brian BOE School Board Member 4516 BBushnell@sd113a.org
Caron, William Old Quarry Principal 4101 WCaron@sd113a.org 
Cappetto, Cassandra Oakwood Kindergarten/Special Education 1355 CCappetto@sd113a.org
Ceranek, Jan District A/P Assistant 4614 JCeranek@sd113a.org 
Cernauskas, Karla Oakwood Early Childhood 1343 KCernauskas@sd113a.org 
Chaps, Diane Oakwood Secretary 1110 DChaps@sd113a.org 
Casey, Kelli River Valley 3rd Grade 2315 KCasey@sd113a.org
Christ, Renee Old Quarry Reading Specialist 4359 RChrist@sd113a.org 
Chromcak, Anna Marie Old Quarry 7th Grade 4330 AChromcak@sd113a.org
Ciciura, Denise Oakwood Physical Education 2211 DCiciura@sd113a.org 
Cikowski, Kristy River Valley 4th Grade 2347 KCikowski@sd113a.org
Clark, Carrie Oakwood 2nd Grade 1321 CClark@sd113a.org
Collins, Peggy Old Quarry Special Education Parapro 4503 PCollins@sd113a.org 
Consola, Maureen Oakwood Reading Specialist 1270 MConsola@sd113a.org 
Cortez, Cathy River Valley 3rd Grade 2317 CCortez@sd113a.org 
Covert, Eileen Oakwood Special Education 1371 ECovert@sd113a.org 
Cunningham, Marg Oakwood 1st Grade 1323 MCunningham@sd113a.org 
Czerniak, Odarka Oakwood ESL 1358 OCzerniak@sd113a.org 
Dalaskey, Samantha Oakwood 2nd Grade 1303 SDalansky@sd113a.org
Davis, Stephen Old Quarry Director/Technology 4354 SDavis@sd113a.org
DeFina, Lisa Oakwood Ed Parapro 1302 LDefina@sd113a.org 
DeGroot, Juanita Old Quarry 8th Grade 4311 JDegroot@sd113a.org 
Deitemyer, David BOE School Board Member 4515 DDeitemyer@sd113a.org
Deming, Ardyth Old Quarry Speech Pathologist 4308 ADeming@sd113a.org 
DiCharia, Donna River Valley Custodian 2233 DDicharia@sd113a.org
Doherty, Barb District Driver - Bus 11 2801 BDoherty@sd113a.org
Donnelly, Jasmin Oakwood/River Valley Occupational Therapist 1373 JDonnelly@sd113a.org 
Dorrance, Jean Old Quarry Art 4259 JDorrance@sd113a.org 
Duffy, Daralyn Old Quarry Special Education 4371 DDuffy@sd113a.org 
Duncan, Diane Oakwood DHH 1241 DDuncan@sd113a.org
Durkin-Mirabella, Kathleen River Valley DHH 2323 Durkin-Mirabella@sd113a.org 
Dvorak, Michelle Old Quarry 5th Grade 4362 MDvorak@sd113a.org 
Dyche, Nicole River Valley 3rd Grade 2319 NDyche@sd113a.org 
Earnest, Melanie Oakwood Nurse 1102 MEarnest@sd113a.org 
Ehn, Megan Old Quarry 7th Grade 4350 MEhn@sd113a.org 
Englund, Mary Old Quarry LRC Assistant 4300 MEnglund@sd113a.org 
Esposito, Bridget River Valley 3rd Grade 2313 BEsposito@sd113a.org 
Feltz, Kim River Valley 4th Grade 2345 KFeltz@sd113a.org 
Foster, Katie Oakwood/EC/KDG Speech Pathologist 1217 KFoster@sd113a.org 
Franta, Karen Old Quarry Secretary 4100 KFranta@sd113a.org 
Galarza, Pat District Driver 2801 PGalarza@sd113a.org
Gallico, Rebecca River Valley 4th Grade 2346 RGallico@sd113a.org
Gawlik, Dennis Old Quarry 6th Grade 4351 DGawlik@sd113a.org 
Germany, Barb District Business Manager 4616 BGermany@sd113a.org
Geroulis, Jeanette Oakwood DHH 1341 JGeroulis@sd113a.org
Gould, Jennifer Old Quarry Special Ed Parapro 4518 JGould@sd113a.org 
Gray, Susan Oakwood Kindergarten 1351 SGray@sd113a.org 
Gricus, Mary District Asst. Superintendent 4618 MGricus@sd113a.org 
Harkins, Kelly Old Quarry 8th Grade Literature 4307 KHarkins@sd113a.org
Hately, Mary River Valley 4th Grade 2348 MHately@sd113a.org 
Hayes, Julie Old Quarry 6th Grade 4347 JHayes@sd113a.org 
Hayes, Kim Oakwood Secretary 1100 KHayes@sd113a.org 
Henery, Bill All Schools Maintenance  2803 BHenery@sd113a.org
Hennig, Karen River Valley Technology Assistant 2207 KHennig@sd113a.org 
Hermosilo, Gina Old Quarry Custodian 4190 GHermosilo@sd113a.org 
Hessert, Debbie Oakwood 1st Grade 1350 DHessert@sd113a.org 
Hilburger, Kristen Old Quarry Psychologist 4355 KHilburger@sd113a.org 
Hodge, Laura River Valley 3rd Grade 2311 LHodge@sd113a.org 
Hoermann, Cathy Old Quarry Special Education 4358 CHoermann@sd113a.org 
Holdman, Brian Old Quarry Physical Education 4147 BHoldman@sd113a.org 
Holzhauser, Sara Old Quarry Health Teacher 4232 SHolzhauser@sd113a.org 
Houran, Gail Old Quarry Tech Assistant/Spec Ed Parapro 4338 GHouran@sd113a.org 
Ihde, Marge Old Quarry Technology Assistant 4353 MIhde@sd113a.org 
Iazzetto, Michelle Old Quarry Nurse 4102 MIazzetto@sd113a.org
Iovinelli, Anne Oakwood 2nd Grade 1305 AIovinelli@sd113a.org
Janda, Katie Old Quarry 8th Grade 4321 KJanda@sd113a.org 
Janusz, Elizabeth Oakwood/River Valley Reading Specialist 1268/2327 EJanusz@sd113a.org 
Jensen, Kris Old Quarry 6th Grade 4263 KJensen@sd113a.org 
Jilek, Deb Old Quarry 6th Grade 4352 DJilek@sd113a.org 
Johnson, John District Driver - Bus 2 2801 JJohnson@sd113a.org
Jones, Rebecca River Valley 3rd Grade 2312 RJones@sd113a.org 
Juchas-Ciszek, Halina River Valley Custodian 2233 HJuchas@sd113a.org
Junger, Lisa Old Quarry Counselor 4343 LJunger@sd113a.org 
Kallas, Ted District Driver - Bus 15 2801 TKallas@sd113a.org
Kaminska, Helena Old Quarry Custodian 4190 HKaminska@sd113a.org
Kasper, Kathy District Admin. Asst. for Student Services 4615 KKasper@sd113a.org 
Kelliher, Kathy River Valley LRC Assistant/Spec Ed Parapro 2206 KKelliher@sd113a.org 
Kelly, Cindy BOE School Board President 4512 CKelly@sd113a.org 
Kennedy, Dennis Old Quarry Physical Education 4247 DKennedy@sd113a.org 
Kerrigan, Patrick BOE School Board Secretary 4511 PKerrigan@sd113a.org
Kievert, Sally Old Quarry 8th Grade 4312 SKievert@sd113a.org 
Kirby, Kathy District Driver - Bus 9 2801 KKirby@sd113a.org
Kleehammer, Shirley Old Quarry Assistant Principal 4103 SKleehammer@sd113a.org
Klosak, Darlene Oakwood Special Education Parapro 1325 DKlosak@sd113a.org 
Klukas, Jennifer Old Quarry 5th Grade 4365 JKlukas@sd113a.org 
Klukas, Katie Old Quarry 7th Grade 4327 KKlukas@sd113a.org
Knopinski, Jan River Valley Special Education Parapro 2503 JKnopinski@sd113a.org 
Knopinski,  Tom District Driver - Bus 6 2801 TKnopinski@sd113a.org
Koetz, Donna RV/OW/C/OQ Health Assistant 1111 DKoetz@sd113a.org 
Koznarski, MariLynn Oakwood Special Ed. Parapro. 1371 MKoznarski@sd113a.org 
Kraft, Denise District Driver - Bus 27 2801 DKraft@sd113a.org
Krauklis, Tammy River Valley Special Education 2322 TKrauklis@sd113a.org 
Kresso-Zielonka, Beata Oakwood ELL 1362 BKresso-Zielonka@sd113a.org 
Krol, Angie Oakwood Custodian 1284 AKrol@sd113a.org
Krueger, Kathy Old Quarry Special Education 4323 KKrueger@sd113a.org 
Krull, Nancy River Valley Secretary/ Special Ed. Parapro 2100 NKrull@sd113a.org 
Kybartas, Lisa Old Quarry 6th Grade 4337 LKybartas@sd113a.org 
Landgrave, Adrienne Oakwood Kindergarten 1333 ALandgrave@sd113a.org     
Larek, Sandra District Administrative Asst. to Superintendent 4604 SLarek@sd113a.org 
Litsogannis, Gayle River Valley Special Education 2318 Glitsogannis@sd113a.org 
Litterst, Laura Old Quarry DHH 4336 LLitterst@sd113a.org
Lulek, Judy River Valley 4th Grade 2349 JLulek@sd113a.org 
Lynch, Debby River Valley Principal 2101 DLynch@sd113a.org 
Malley, Al BOE School Board Member 4513 AMalley@sd113a.org 
Malnar, Nancy River Valley Physical Education 2216 NMalnar@sd113a.org 
Mandarino, Shelley Oakwood 1st Grade 1349 SMandarino@sd113a.org 
Manojlovic, Melissa Old Quarry 6th Grade 4339 MManojlovic@sd113a.org 
Mathias, Laura Old Quarry Special Education Parapro 4517 LMathias@sd113a.org 
Mattas, Mary River Valley Special Education Parapro 2504 MMattas@sd113a.org 
Mayerak, Dawn Oakwood/River Valley DHH 1216/2321 DMayerak@sd113a.org
Mazurek, Pam District Director/Operations 2800/2803 PMazurek@sd113a.org  
McCastland, Kelly River Valley Nurse 2102 KMcCastland@sd113a.org
McCloskey, Corryn Oakwood 1st Grade 1339 CMccloskey@sd113a.org 
McDonald, Patti District Admin. Asst. for Curriculum & Personnel 4617 PMcdonald@sd113a.org 
McKenna, Angela Oakwood Psychologist 1218 AMckenna@sd113a.org  
McNaughton, Colleen River Valley Reading Specialist 2327 CMcnaughton@sd113a.org 
Mehl, Ken Oakwood/River Valley Physical Education 2210 KMehl@sd113a.org 
Mehta, Tina All Schools Food Service Director 4141 TMehta@sd113a.org
Mercer, Daryl Old Quarry Physical Education 4246 DMercer@sd113a.org
Meyer, Suzanne River Valley 4th Grade 2342 SMeyer@sd113a.org 
Mitchell, Joanne River Valley 3rd Grade 2310 JMitchell@sd113a.org 
Molitor, Dave BOE School Board Vice President 4514 DMolitor@sd113a.org 
Mrowczynski, Bill District Driver - Bus 5 2801 BMrowczynski@sd113a.org
Mutnansky, Nicolette River Valley Reading Specialist 2427 NMutnansky@sd113a.org
Myers, Lauren Old Quarry 5th Grade 4360 LMyers@sd113a.org
Nenn, David Old Quarry 6th Grade 4340 DNenn@sd113a.org 
Nevin, Michelle Old Quarry 7th Grade 4335 MNevin@sd113a.org 
Norwood, Lori Old Quarry Special Education 4309 LNorwood@sd113a.org 
Novak, Sue Old Quarry Special Ed. Parapro 4501 SNovak@sd113a.org 
O'Brien, Maureen River Valley DHH 2321 MObrien@sd113a.org
Odstrcilek, Michelle District Driver - Bus 8 2801 MOdstrcilek@sd113a.org
O’Neil, Maureen Old Quarry Special Ed. Parapro 4504 MOneil@sd113a.org 
O’Rozco, Bev River Valley Special Education 2329 BOrozco@sd113a.org 
Orlando, Maureen Oakwood Special Ed. Parapro. 1361 MOrlando@sd113a.org 
Osmani, Shqipe Old Quarry 8th Grade 4320 SOsmani@sd113a.org 
Padgett, Carli Old Quarry 5th Grade 4357 CPadgett@sd113a.org
Padovano, Melissa Oakwood DHH 1341 MPadovano@sd113a.org
Palmer, Linda District Driver - Bus 7 2801 LPalmer@sd113a.org
Parise, Kathleen River Valley Speech Pathologist 2108 KParise@sd113a.org 
Pasiewicz, Tara Old Quarry 5th - 8th Literature Lab 4233 TPasiewicz@sd113a.org 
Petrelli, Holly Old Quarry Social Worker 4301 HPetrelli@sd113a.org 
Petry, Ausra Oakwood/River Valley ELL Parapro 1261 APetry@sd113a.org
Picciola, Cyndi Old Quarry Reading Specialist 4234 CPicciola@sd113a.org 
Picciola, Kristin Oakwood 1st Grade 1325 KPicciola@sd113a.org 
Pitlik, Dana Old Quarry 5th Grade 4368 DPitlik@sd113a.org 
Policht, Joanne Oakwood Assistant Principal 1103 JPolicht@sd113a.org 
Radomski, Judy River Valley Secretary 2103 JRadomski@sd113a.org
Rakoczy, Michelle Old Quarry 5th Grade 4364 MRakoczy@sd113a.org 
Raymond, Sonya River Valley 4th Grade 2340 SRaymond@sd113a.org 
Rekruciak, Kristen Oakwood 2nd Grade 1381 KRekruciak@sd113a.org
Reidy, Meghan Oakwood 1st Grade 1338 MReidy@sd113a.org 
Richardson, Cliff Oakwood  Custodian 1284 CRichardson@sd113a.org
Rickerson, Laura Old Quarry 7th Grade 4322 LRickerson@sd113a.org 
Rietveld, Leanne Oakwood Special Education  1361 LRietveld@sd113a.org
Roth, Mary Oakwood  Custodian 1284 MRoth@sd113a.org
Ruane, Susan River Valley 3rd Grade 2316 SRuane@sd113a.org 
Ruiz-Vallejo, Sonia District Driver - Bus 1 2801 SRuiz@sd113a.org
Ryan, Shawn Old Quarry 8th Grade 4302 SRyan@sd113a.org 
Saldana, Anita District Driver - Bus 14 2801 ASaldana@sd113a.org
Samanich, Amanda District Driver - Bus 3 2801 ASamanich@sd113a.org
Saulys, Laurie Old Quarry 8th Grade 4306 LSaulys@sd113a.org 
Schmidt, Ernie All Schools Groundskeeper 2803 ESchmidt@sd113a.org
Schneider, Jill Old Quarry Ed/Parapro 4359/4360 JSchneider@sd113a.org 
Schoell, Jenny Oakwood Special Education Parapro 1330 JSchoell@sd113a.org
Schwartz, Lynda River Valley Special Education Parapro 1508 LSchwartz@sd113a.org 
Scott, Sue Oakwood 2nd Grade 1383 SScott@sd113a.org 
Serpe, Julie Oakwood LRC Assistant  1274 JSerpe@sd113a.org 
Sharko, Susan River Valley/Old Quarry ESL 4348 SSharko@sd113a.org 
Sheahan, Susan Old Quarry DHH 4313 SSheahan@sd113a.org
Shick, Mike All Schools Maintenance  2803 MShick@sd113a.org
Sifling, Donna OW/RV/OQ District Librarian 1274/4299 DSifling@sd113a.org 
Simon, Tracy OQ/RV/OW Math Lab/Instructional Tech 2208/4261 TSimon@sd113a.org 
Simone, Anita Oakwood Special Education Parapro 1343 ASimone@sd113a.org 
Slattery, Lauren Oakwood Speech Pathologist 1322 LSlattery@sd113a.org
Slee, Cathy Oakwood Principal 1101 CSlee@sd113a.org 
Sliwa, Jim All Schools Maintenance  2803 JSliwa@sd113a.org
Sloan, Lisa District Business Office Asst. 4612 LSloan@sd113a.org 
Smith, Betsy Oakwood Early Childhood 1347 ESmith@sd113a.org 
Smith, Brenda Oakwood 1st Grade 1330 BSmith@sd113a.org 
Smith, Rachel Old Quarry 7th Grade 4315 RSmith@sd113a.org 
Soraghan, Rose River Valley DHH 2323 RSoraghan@sd113a.org
Sotiros, Antigoni Old Quarry 6th Grade 4258 ASotiros@sd113a.org 
Sperka, Maureen Old Quarry Special Education Parapro 4507 MSperka@sd113a.org 
Stahurski, Erin Oakwood 2nd Grade 1307 EStahurski@sd113a.org
Stateman, Diane Old Quarry Physical Education 4146 DStateman@sd113a.org 
Steffan, Renee River Valley  3rd Grade 2320 RSteffan@sd113a.org 
Stickley, Sandra Old Quarry 5th Grade 4356 SStickley@sd113a.org
Strama, Josie River Valley Custodian 2233 JStrama@sd113a.org 
Strang, Debbie District Driver - Bus 17 2801 DStrang@sd113a.org
Szulc, Tina Old Quarry Special Education Parapro 4525 TSzulc@sd113a.org 
Teper, Renata River Valley ESL 2326 RTeper@sd113a.org
Thomas, Eileen Old Quarry Special Education Parapro 4508 EThomas@sd113a.org 
Thonn, Angela River Valley 4th Grade 2341 AThonn@sd113a.org
Treanor, Jenna River Valley Music Teacher 2331 JTreanor@sd113a.org
Troc, Melissa Old Quarry Special Education 4331 MTroc@sd113a.org
Vejvoda, Theresa District Driver - Bus 12 2801 TVejvoda@sd113a.org
Villasenor, Lori Oakwood Reading Specialist 1302 LVillasenor@sd113a.org 
Vladovich, Mary Old Quarry 7th Grade 4328 MVladovich@sd113a.org 
Vondrak, Jacob Oakwood Technology Assistant 1363 JVondrak@sd113a.org
Walker, Ann Old Quarry Reading Specialist 4260 AWalker@sd113a.org 
Walker, Dianna Oakwood  Kindergarten 1335 DWalker@sd113a.org
Warmuz, Maria Old Quarry Custodian 4190 MWarmuz@sd113a.org
Weinert, Bob District Driver - Bus 4 2801 BWeinert@sd113a.org
Westbrook, Pam Old Quarry Special Education Parapro/LRC 4297 PWestbrook@sd113a.org
Westlund, Sandra District Driver - Bus 19 2801 SWestlund@sd113a.org
Williams, Jack Old Quarry 7th Grade 4318 JWilliams@sd113a.org 
Wisz, Gemma River Valley Special Education Parapro 2505 GWise@sd113a.org
Wulczyn, Susan District  Director/Student Services 4611 SWulczyn@sd113a.org
Zaremski, Debbie River Valley Special Education 2328 DZaremski@sd113a.org 
Zeyen, Allyson Oakwood  Music Teacher/Part Time 1369 AZeyen@sd113a.org
Zick, Raymond District Driver - Bus 16 2801 RZick@sd113a.org
KEEP Oakwood   1359  
CHAMPIONS - Pre School Oakwood   1353  
DHH Speech Office Oakwood   1216  
DHH Preschool Oakwood   1341  
Multi Needs Room Old Quarry   4323  
Special Ed Parapro Office Old Quarry   4124  





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