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Front Page: Food Service: Frequently Asked Questions


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Food Service

F A Qs



1.  Can someone else use my child’s account?

     No, at the elementary schools the child’s lunch card is kept by the teacher and  

     distributed by the teacher. At the middle school, we ask to see either their lunch

     Card or their school ID. We do not allow the use of the Pin Pad.


2.  How can I find out my child’s balance?

     You can go to the school website, www.sd113a.org .  Scroll to the right side of the

     screen, there is a My Nutri Kids “button”. You can click on this log and it will

     take you to a location to create an account for your student. You will need your

     child’s ID number. If you do not have their ID number, contact the secretary

     at your child’s school. After creating an account, you will be sent a confirmation.

     Please keep the account name and password. We do not have access to any of the

     information for accessing your child’s account.


3.  Does this cost money?

     Setting up the account and accessing the information does not cost money. The only a

     Fee is assessed is when you make an on-line deposit.


4.  Is it $1.75 for each deposit?

     No, it is a $1.75 for each transaction. What this means is, if you have 3 children and

     make a deposit to each child’s account at the same transaction time, there will be 1

     transaction fee of $1.75.


5.  Can I still send money to the school?

     Yes. Please place the money or check into an envelope with your child’s first and

     last name, grade and homeroom written on it.


6.  I made a deposit on-line but my child says it’s not in his/her account. Why?

    A deposit made on-line takes 2 days to process. An electronic check requires

    5 days to process.


7.  If I create an account and then go on-line to view it, what can I see?

     You will be capable of seeing any transaction that has occurred within the last

     30 days.


8.  Can I put limits on how much my child can spend each day?

     Yes, please contact the Director of Dining Services and she can assist

     you with this function. Her name is Teresa Wise and you may contact her at

     630-257-2286 extension 4141.




9.  I checked my child’s account and there must be a mistake, he/she was charged

     for 2 lunches.

     Please visit with your child. Many students purchase items for friends and the

     charges are correct.


10. I checked my child’s account and there are items purchased that we do not eat,  

      such as chips. This must be a mistake!

     Remember that your child is making decisions  that may not reflect your preferences,

     but may reflect peer preferences. Again, please visit with your child regarding this



11. I do not have a computer. How do I know what my child’s balance is?

      There are public areas, such as the library that has Internet access. You may call the

      cafeteria for this information. Also, middle school students will be issued a

      statement on the 2nd Friday of each month, if they have a negative balance. Please

      mark this date and ask your child if they received a statement.


12.  Where do I get my child's ID number?

       The ID number can be obtained by calling your child's school secretary.






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