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Front Page: Food Service: A la Carte Pricing


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A la Carte Pricing


A la Carte Offerings

Lemont-Bromberek District CSD113A


NOTE: These items are sold a la carte and are NOT part of the free and reduced lunch program


River Valley

Bottled water - $1.25


Middle School

Bottled Water- $1.25

Soft Pretzels- $1.00

Cheddar Cheese Sauce - .50

Baked Lay’s Chips- $1.00

Nutri Grain bars-$1.00

Bagel- $1.00

Bagel w/ Cream Cheese- $1.50

Cream Cheese- .50

Crackers- .25 per package

Dinner Roll- .50 each

Fruit/Vegetable- .50 serving

Ice Cream Cup- $1.00

Capri Sun- $1.00

Cup of Juice- .50 cup

Ketchup packet- .10 per packet

Milk- .50 carton

Dressing packet- .25 per packet

Slushie- $1.50

Syrup- .50 per packet

Entrees- $2.05 (This includes a sandwich or slice of pizza)






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