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Board of Education


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Information to Contact the Board of Education

The governing body of the school district.

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Top Row: Brian Bushnell/Member, Dave Molitor/Member, Patrick Kerrigan/Secretary, David Deitmyer/Member

Seated:  Mike Aurelio/Member, Cynthia Kelly/President and Al Malley/Vice President


Cindy Kelly President 257-2286 ext. 4512
Al Malley Vice President 257-2286 ext. 4513
Patrick Kerrigan Secretary 257-2286 ext. 4511
Mike Aurelio Board Member 257-2286 ext. 4510
Brian Bushnell Board Member 257-2286 ext. 4516
David Deitemyer Board Member 257-2286 ext. 4515
Dave Molitor Board Member 257-2286 ext. 4514




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