District 113 Honors and Celebrates Veterans Day

November 11, 2016

District 113A schools celebrated Veterans Day in unique and varied ways.  Oakwood School’s goal was to ensure that their young students understood the meaning behind the day.  Micah Brandhandler, 

Oakwood’s music teacher, spearheaded the assembly celebration in collaboration with classroom teachers.  First and second grade students sang patriotic songs and recited heartfelt poems to an audience of over 100 people. With almost fifty Veterans in attendance, all five branches of the military were represented. The Oakwood staff was thankful that they could take time to recognize and honor some of our local heroes.

River Valley’s 4th grade students honored veterans in two music performances titled Those That Serve, led by music teacher, Allyson Zeyen. The performances were held Thursday night and Friday during the day. Over 850 attendees joined the 4th graders Thursday night and 50 joined the student body Friday. Roughly 50 veterans were in attendance between the two performances. Allyson Zeyen was pleased with the students’ performance and stated, “The students worked hard and were proud to sing to the Veterans.” Veterans were also honored on a wall outside the office. River Valley students were asked to honor veterans in their family, by posting their name and picture on the wall. After the performance, veterans posed by their name on the wall and had photos taken with family.

Old Quarry Middle school honored our Veterans with an entire school assembly. Jenna Yavarski and Ryan Suva read their essays about What America Means to Them and Nick Karmina read an essay about his grandpa who was a WWII veteran in the Pacific. The choir and band performed patriotic songs and many staff members shared stories of family members who had bravely served our country. As a token of appreciation, each veteran was given an OQMS shirt and recognized for their service.