One to One Technology

We are pleased to inform you that District 113A is currently engaging in a 1:1 technology pilot.  We have a Technology Committee comprised of teachers, parents, students, administrators and Board members who have been collaborating about the district’s vision and goals related to a 1:1 environment.

Our 1:1 Technology Vision in SD113A:

The SD 113A 1:1 technology initiative will reimagine education by engaging and empowering all learners to successfully navigate our dynamic global environment, providing equal access and opportunity for all to excel.

Our 1:1 Technology Objectives in SD113A:

  • -Deliver anytime, anywhere access to education through digital resources.

  • -Promote a shared responsibility in helping students create an appropriate digital identity by conducting themselves in a safe, legal, and ethical manner.

  • -Support our educators in using innovative, research-based strategies.

  • -Increase student sense of ownership for their learning.

  • -Engage students through personalized learning.

  • -Adjust the pace (individualize), adjust the approach (differentiation), and leverage student interests/experiences.

  • -Maximize student achievement by building critical future skills, such as communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

We have several classrooms district-wide that have just begun to participate in a pilot related to our district’s 1:1 technology initiative.  The pilot will run from March 2017 through the winter of 2018.  By engaging in research, implementing best practices for the integration of technology and collecting data about students’ use of digital devices, the pilot teachers will help the district’s technology leadership team make sound decisions that will best serve the needs of our school and community going forward.

With consistent access to a digital device, students will be better able to expand their knowledge and develop critical thinking skills in a 21st century learning environment that is responsive to students’ individual needs and interests.  We believe that 1:1 technology will increase access and engagement while removing barriers to learning.  Students will have more opportunities to share, connect and seek out information. But, a device is only an avenue for learning and discovery - - - it will not replace our students’ ability to question and think critically.

As we move forward, we will continue to provide you with information regarding fees, structure, and all other information related to going 1:1.  This is a work in progress, and we have finance committee members who are working to determine this information.  We are also in close communication with Lemont High School as they go 1:1 as well to ensure a smooth transition for all students.

As of now, we are scheduled for the entire district to be a 1:1 environment in January of 2018. We are excited about this first step in implementing a 1:1 technology initiative that is vital to our students’ readiness for their future.  With parents as our partners, we are confident that this pilot will be a success for our students and our school.  We will continue to keep you posted as we embark on this 1:1 journey. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or one of our Technology Committee members.


Dr. Courtney Orzel, Superintendent

SD113A Technology Committee Members:

Parents: Jeremie Bacon, Trish Bliss, Bethany Martino, Amie Topete

Students:  Sage Marjetko, William Piercy

Staff:  Johnny Billingsley, Sharon Bingen, Jamie Busz, Marg Cunningham, Kim Darche, Steve Davis, Barb Germany, Mary Gricus, Marge Idhe, Sally Kievert, Debra Lynch, Joanne Mitchell, Michelle Nevin,  Courtney Orzel, Maria Papiez, Michelle Rakoczy, Tracy Simon, Cathy Slee, Amanda Wittke

Board members:  Patrick Kerrigan, Dave Molitor